Guys why me?

She had been a big fan forever and then Luke and calum form a crush on her when they meet and then her and Luke start to become a couple and Calum is fine with it but when Luke invites her on tour Calum starts to form a bit of jealousy but no one finds out

And the fans start to hate on her will it be like to stick up for her or Calum

Read to find out


4. we're on NOW!

Hey guys sorry if it sucks I'm not really a good writer and I hope you like it though

Calum's pov~

"Can I just talk to Luke for a sec" I said nervously

"Sure cal" he said as we walked out of the room into the hall "what's up pal" Luke said concerned "we'll I just wanted to now do you like her" I said calmly "yer she is beautiful and pretty and smart what do you think cal!" Luke replied " the exact same as you" he said with a small smile "ok let's go back before they get suspicious oh and by the way I think the guys know we like her" Luke said and I nodded my head.

Luke's pov~

As me and cal walked in the room I saw claire smiling at her phone and I walked over to her "hey whatcha smiling at" I asked with a smile on my face "oh just you guys" she said with a big grin "oh haha well we gotta go on in 10 so as soon as the concerts finished show the guard this and he'll let you back in our dressing room" I said while handing her a backstage pass "oh my god really" she said with her beautiful smile spread across her face "of course your our friend now Claire and because were friends you've got my number so I'd you need anything just message me and I'll message you the boys and maybe tomorrow we can hang out" I said as I smiled and she looked really excited but calm I think she's really starting to realise she's actually a friend of ours now and we will help through stuff that she needs. "We're on stage now you can go in the crowd or backstage" I said and ran off and then winked. "Bye good luck guys" she yelled to us as we ran out the door on stage.and I saw her in the front row of the audience and smiled at her.

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