Guys why me?

She had been a big fan forever and then Luke and calum form a crush on her when they meet and then her and Luke start to become a couple and Calum is fine with it but when Luke invites her on tour Calum starts to form a bit of jealousy but no one finds out

And the fans start to hate on her will it be like to stick up for her or Calum

Read to find out


1. getting ready~Chapter 1

Claire's pov

OMG I WON TICKETS TO SEE THE MOST AMAZING BAND IN THE WORLD!!Oh sorry I forget hi my names Claire I'm 17 and I'm a MASSIVE fan of 5sos and I won tickets on the radio I've been waiting forever to see them live they just Sang like angels and made me laugh like crazy in there keeks or nay video in that fact.

Luke's dimples we're so cute when he smiled I died a little inside knowing i'd never meet him. And Ashton's curly hair looked so perfect on him I just wanted to run my fingers through his soft hair.And when micheal changed his hair everytime he looked a thousand times better. And Calum his massive yet beautiful arm I just wanted him to pull me in with his strong muscles.

Anyways the concerts TONIGHT!!!As a matter a fact in 2 hours! So I put on my 5sos shirt (of course) and my black ripped skinny jeans and plain black converses.You may say it's pretty plan but I'm not a girly girl or anything I actually play guitar and I'm a CRAZY footy fan. And a crazy 5sos fan. So anyways I straightend my blondie~brown coloured hair and applied a little mascara and eyeliner I also don't go much on the make up.

As I was laying there on my phone on charger it had 100% of course for videos and pics I realised I had to leave. I was going alone as I don't really have that many friends I have 1 close friend but she was busy. As I raced down the stair I yelled "BYE GUYS" to my family and ran out the front door and into my car.I cried to whole way while listerning to their music thinking ( I can't BELEIVE this is happing I've been waiting year for this) as I got to allphones arena at sydney I ran straight to give in my ticket and I was one of the only people there.

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