Guys why me?

She had been a big fan forever and then Luke and calum form a crush on her when they meet and then her and Luke start to become a couple and Calum is fine with it but when Luke invites her on tour Calum starts to form a bit of jealousy but no one finds out

And the fans start to hate on her will it be like to stick up for her or Calum

Read to find out


3. backstage~chapter 3

Luke's pov~

We walked to our holding room and talked. She was so beautiful her beautiful green eyes and straight hair. I don't care what the boys say I wanna get to know her. She's different to the other fans. But she does seen to be a big fan. I can't stop staring at her. "Earth to Luke" Calum said laughing. "Looks like someone has a crush" ash said trying not to laugh and I blushed. She looked shocked. "Oh um sorry guys my names Claire I'm very happy to meet you guys" claire said. "We'll I'm guessing you know us all and it's nice too meet you too" Calum said with a big grin on his face and all the boys were staring at here while we talked I'm guessing we liked her.

But how couldn't you she was so beautiful and kind and surprisingly she wanted to get to know us and didn't flirt unlike some fans. I thought like some fans she would just want us for money but we all want her. We all can tell she has a big crush on all of us but she tries not to show it. I really wanna ask her on tour with us to get to know her but by the end of out break I should have built the courage to ask her. I am hoping to hang out a lot during the day because we are on our last concert for a few weeks. And I'm hoping we can be more then friends by then but with the other boys I'm not sure I need to pick up my game to get her to fall for me as deep as I've fallen for her. I know it's on been half an hour and were on stage in 45 minutes but she's so nice she's beautiful and her smile is so cute.

Claire's pov~

I've been dreaming about this for years I really can't Believe how cal I'm being. Luke is so nice to me. There all nice but there's just something about Luke that now that I've met him makes me love him more than ever." Hey um claire I was wondering if I could um.. You know have your number please so we could um maybe h-hang out w-w-while were on our holiday?" Asked liked stuttering and nervously "yer sure" I said "it's not like I'm gonna say no Luke haha why wouldn't I" I said while giggling "haha thanks" he said with relief "04572149" I said as he copied it down into his phone and texted me as I saved his number "is there something wrong Luke?" I said with concern "yer I'm fine just a little nervous that's all" he said "oh don't be I'm sure you'll be fine" I said as the boys just sat and stared at us while we talk "take a pic it'll last longer" I heard Luke's deep voice say to the boys we all cracked up laughing

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