They All Wear Masks

"Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth." -Oscar Wilde


6. ~ Epilogue ~


    The public were, to say the least, rather surprised when the name of what had formerly been known as OsCorp changed overnight. People stood still in the streets- the entire building had been changed, different signs hung, and an entirely different logo rested on the top. It looked suspiciously spider-like, although everyone agreed that the symbol worked.

    The name was odd too- ParksBorn. No one could quite figure out what it meant, and whenever the owner of the newly named company was questioned, he would simply answer that it came to him one night. 

    No one was complaining. The name worked, and while Harry Osborn disappeared more often than not, the company ran smoothly, even improving the lives of those associated with it.

    As Harry remarked to Peter one night, happy endings were cliche, unless they happened to you.

    In which case they were rather nice.

    So he wasn’t complaining.

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