Hollywood's new girl

Beth was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Within an hour, she was printed on every single gossip magazine you could imagine, worldwide, as the secret girlfriend of hollywood's hearthrob, Chase Evans.


2. Taken hostage

"Woah, woah, hold up!" I yelled at him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I demanded as he yanked me along with him past the crowd of vicious paparazzi, his grip on me like steel.

His head spun around for a quick second to shoot me a frown before turning back and continuing on, not caring at all that I stumbled after his long legged strides.

If his eyes weren't hidden by his cap, I imagine an annoyed look in his eyes would accompany the frown he flashed me.

Who did he think he was? Getting all annoyed at me like I was some kind of troublesome little kid. "You know you could just leave me! They want you, not me!" I voiced my case hurriedly over the shouts of the paparazzi. However, like he didn't hear anything at all, Mr.unfair didn't show any signs of stopping as we neared the shop exit.

From the corner of my eye, I caught glimpses of 'I hate my life' guy still stationed at the cashier watching the havoc going on with a scowl, then he saw me and narrowed his eyes like I was to blame for all this.

It wasn't me! 

Suddenly, I felt a beefy hand clamp down onto my shoulder and clearly it must've been the hand of a strong person because the next second I was yanked back and falling into a person with a large frame, my hand ripped out of Mr.unfair's firm grip. My head swung around and found myself peering at the face of a big scary man with a graying dark beard framing his jaw, way too close for comfort.

His trunk sized arms circled over me, and I squeaked out in surprise and fear.

"What're you doing with pretty boy there, girly? I can show you what a real man can do." He hissed in my ear. I felt his spittle spray on my cheek and I winced in disgust.

It was when he really started using his strength and pulled me back with him that I started feeling the unavoidable panic rising up my throat. I struggled in his arms as I looked around frantically for help. "Let me go!" I screamed, trying to free my arms from his tight band of arms around me. "This is assault!"

I felt the relief of a hundred pound rock off my back the moment he left my private space quite suddenly. Frankly, I was quite relieved that he'd listened to my request as I didn't expect him to.

Turning around, I found him sprawled onto the ground, struggling to get up.

Before he could however, a large man got onto him and lifted him slightly off the ground by the front of his shirt. Said man pulled his arm back, fist curled. With a strike so quick and precise, you could just see the force behind that hit and the grabby guy's face swung to the side from the impact, and what happened next, holy shit.

Blood gushed out from his nose, a light spray of blood landed on my shoes and legs when he attempted to cover his broken nose.

In my opinion, it looked like his own damn personal bloody waterfall. It was nothing like in the movies because it wasn't pretty. Oh yeah, it wasn't pretty at all.

I clapped my hands over my mouth as I felt the bile rise up, the urge to hurl was simply overwhelming. I've never actually seen someone get directly hurt like that and the way the blood flowed out...

Oh god! I don't ever want to see anything like that ever again. I wouldn't have picked myself as the blood squirmish type of girl, but god, that was brutal. Holy shit. shit shit shit.

The puncher brought the paparazzi that grabbed me close to his face. "You don't touch her." he said, sounding almost, calm, but I could hear the undertone of his murderous rage, making me shudder in fear. Although the tone of voice was completely different to the brief conversation we had, if you could even call it a conversation, I immediately knew who it was.

His voice was unmistakable.

He unfurled from his crouched position over the poor guy groaning on the ground and shook his bloody hand out, then clenching and unclenching. At this point, I didn't know whose blood that covered his hand was from.

The rest of the paparazzi were simply having a field day! Flashes went off like fireworks and it pretty much blinded my vision as they snapped away, shooting out crazy comments. After seeing what Chase was capable of, these people really had some fucking balls.

A frustrated look crossed his features as he strided back to me in intimidating steps, making me stumble back a few. I couldn't help feel a little scared of him. He quickly grabbed something off the ground and took my small hand in his left and not bloodied hand.

"That's why you're coming with me." He threw over his shoulder before proceeding to pull me out of the store.

I shivered the moment the cold winter wind cut through my thin cardigan.

Quite the observant guy, he shrugged out of the leather jacket he was wearing and drapped it over my shoulders before grabbing my hand once again.

I didn't argue with him because frankly, right now that store was the last place I wanted to be at. All I want at this moment, was to get in my car, drive home to my apartment and fall into a deep sleep and to wake up and forget everything that just happened.

Well, clearly that wasn't going to happen...

Chase strode to a huge black SUV and I, well, had to run to catch up to his long legged strides.

He dug out his keys and unlocked the car then opened the passenger door, lightly shoving away a paparazzi that got way too close.

Next, he lifted me up and put me down on the plush leather seat of his car, buckling up the seatbelt like I was a two year old incapable of doing it myself.

Well, considering the shocked state I was in now, I might as well be a two year old.

"Hey-" the door slammed close in my face. I flinched.

Well, shit. I was going to tell him my car was right there...

I contemplated getting out of his car and sprinting into mine but I considered the flashing going on from outside and decided I wasn't suicidal. Instead, I slid my arms into the sleeves of his thick leather jacket and hugged the two sides of the jacket tight to my chest.

The smell of the jacket's leather filled my nostrils but along with it, a faint but very noticeable smell of... something-delicious, something so- manly.

Battling through the ruthless paparazzi, Chase got into the drivers seat and slammed his door close with a little more force than necessary.

Well, someone had a temper.

"Jesus... just one damn night." I think I heard him mutter as he started up his car and squealed out of the carpark, speeding right past my car.

"uh..." I tried telling him but I felt like one more word from anyone and he would snap.

Luckily though, he seemed to relax a little, his fingers flexing onto his steering wheel. I tried again.

"Uhm, C-chase?" I stumbled over his name.

He looked across to me for a second before facing back to the road. I could see my car rapidly getting smaller and smaller as he sped away from the searching cars of the paparazzi.

"What?" He asked softly, sighing then taking off his cap and throwing it to the back seat.

He ran his left hand through his dark hair and I finally caught a first glimpse of his full face.

Sweet caramel cheesecake....

My throat went dry.

His light eyes was stark in contrast to his midnight dark hair. He had a straight nose with a slight crook at the bridge, suggesting it might have been broken once upon a time.

His face was... chiseled to the point of perfection, cheekbones defined like a model's and his jaw... strong and framed with a day's worth of scruff that had such a sexy appeal to it.

That video of him didn't do him one bit of justice.

Like a bucket of ice water poured over me, I remembered the video. He wasn't someone I should be admiring... seriously, get your shit together.

"Uh..." Fuck. I was so tired of my illiterateness. I cleared my throat and braved myself. "My car was back at the carpark so if you wouldn't mind driving back there. Maybe wait a little till' they're all gone of course then I'll be able to go home and you can be on your way and I'll be out of your hair. It's a win-win situation." I rushed it all out in a breath.

He turned to me and gave me a somewhat amused look and I was thinking that yeah maybe this was going to work and I would be home in no time...


"Thank you!" Hold up. "Wait. No, what? No. no?"

"Yes, no. They'll be camping out there all night long. Trust me, I know from experience. Fucking vermins."

I shuddered.

What the fuck?

Was I actually turned on by his choice of swear word?

I need help.

"Well, then how am I supposed to get home? I've got to get to work tomorrow." I stressed then thought about it. "Okay, you know what, this doesn't have to be a problem. How about you send me home, it isn't that far from here." I suggested.

"No, I can't do that."

I almost pulled my hair out. "What. Why the fuck not?" I exclaimed.

I honestly couldn't afford to lose my job. I finally got the opportunity to work at my dream company of choice and although it was the position of lowest of the lowest, I was determined to work my way up. He wasn't going to screw this up for me.

"In an hour, give or take, they're going to know who you are, what you do, what your hobbies are, what your favourite colour is, and you bet your cute little ass, they're going to know where you live." His deep voice set in a challenging tone.

I buried my face in my hand. "But- why? I'm a nobody!"

"You were seen with me." He mumbled. "You're somebody."

I huffed at his arrogance. "So what now? I can't ever go home? Are you going to send me off to france where I hide out for the rest of my life, Mr. I'msoimportant?"

He rolled his eyes. "No, sorry to disappoint but nothing as dramatic as that."

"Well, then where am I going to stay?" I demanded.

He shot me an unreadable look. "Why, you're coming to live with me, of course. You are from here on out branded as my girlfriend by hollywood, must as well act as one."

My mouth opened and close as I struggled for words. "W-what?"

"Babe, close your mouth, it's giving me dirty thoughts." He told me seriously.

Well, shit.





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