Phantom Of The Opera; A Rose, Will Rise

1918, Italy in Genoa; A cold, winter day, snow falling softly & slowly. Fireplaces smoking in the sky, looking like heaven has fallen down. The men are: Smoking their pipes or cutting wood down, while the women are sewing or cleaning. And the kids are helping out or playing...this seems normal, but it not. This Peaceful town has a tale of; Lust,Love,Hate,Pain,Sorrow and Pity everyone around here in this town is hiding a secret from a young boy who will soon later learn about his parents & their past lives growing up together. Will this young man accept the past of his family curse? Or will he make it out ot be a legend to be known in all of Italy?


4. Chapter Three: Story

Fantasma was on his desk, thinking of the song he rewrote then thinking back at what his class mates said about his farther & his mother being together. How their marriage was a ghostly lover tale. How come his farther was source a great singer, musical artiest, talent at well...almost anything that can make the heaven fall and his mother as well. Then he rethought the song he seen in school: Phantom Of The Opera. It was no secret, " Phantom Of The Opera" was a ghostly tale of man for lust for love, but then karma come back for his sin of his beloved secret love he never gotten to have, but yet their was another tale hidden of this ghoslty depress twist. Phantom was man for lust for anyone for his broken heart, after cold night he went out to search for love he found noting more then Spanish women who was virgin-Looking for no man to take her hand, her farther was a rich man. She needed no one but her emotions taken over the years brought her down into tears until Phantom come made her a women, but it was all a pityful game in his lust for love & he taken her just by little names. " Darling, My love, my alone true future" She become known as " Victim Of Ghost" Bear with a child, Phantom Of The Opera son. Now at first Fantasma, don't take no knee into this " Childish Tale " Until his music teacher order the kids to sing a song: Phantom Of The Opera- CL. It could been anyone wrote of this piece but he notice the hand writing, it was his farther-He had written this piece of the Phantom son...but why? Phantom of the opera son is probably just a stupid myth, gossip by the town folk, noting more then just figure of people mind. It made no sense, Fantasma look at his folder; Slowly grab it, pull out the song & began to sing
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