Phantom Of The Opera; A Rose, Will Rise

1918, Italy in Genoa; A cold, winter day, snow falling softly & slowly. Fireplaces smoking in the sky, looking like heaven has fallen down. The men are: Smoking their pipes or cutting wood down, while the women are sewing or cleaning. And the kids are helping out or playing...this seems normal, but it not. This Peaceful town has a tale of; Lust,Love,Hate,Pain,Sorrow and Pity everyone around here in this town is hiding a secret from a young boy who will soon later learn about his parents & their past lives growing up together. Will this young man accept the past of his family curse? Or will he make it out ot be a legend to be known in all of Italy?


2. Chapter One: The Perfect Life

A army of tiny snow fakes, which looks like: Heaven has fallen down with angel's who are marching around town doing a ballet for everyone to share the blessing of the lord birth. The kids are playing in this tiny army; as their throw snowballs to each other, while their mother's cook up a meal or just sewing near the fire place. And their fathers are cutting down wood to keep them warm or just sitting in their chair while reading a book and having a pipe in their mouth. Yes, this seem all normal but this isn't the part of the story that makes; Lust, Love, Hate, Sorrow & pity happen. Our story begins at a house that is know as " Ghostly Lovers" It stand for: A legend of one person who story will live on for a long time.

" Papa?" Fantasma Lee said who is alone 13 year old, looking out in back window watching the snow fall on the barn." Yes, Fantasma? " Charle Lee said who was Fantasma farther who was a busy man who work at the mill in morning and when he comes home he work on the farm.

And on weekends paint or teach student about music. " It snowing  hard outside, don't you think we should check out the barn to see if the animals are ok or not" Fantasma said with a pity look on his face as he watch snow hit the window; littler-by-littler. Charle look at his son with ash's falling from his wooden pipe "How bad is it outside, right now?" Fantasma walk to the door and peek throw the tiny hole his dad made, look throw tiny hole seeing everything turn white as the moon. Charle smoke his pipe with ash's coming down like black rose painted with petals coming down. " Fantasma? How bad is it, son? "

Fantasma look at his farther " It pretty bad farther, we most hurry to make sure the barn is warm enough" Fantasma said as he run to the coat stand and grab his wolf jacket made by Blackfeet Indians he farther knew back in his younger years. Charle got off from the wooden chair then made his way to the coat stand then got Fantasma wolf jacket from his hands. Charles smile at Fantasm " Son, I know your worried about the animals but you shouldn't go outside in the cold. I don't want to see you sick again like last winter " Fantasma sign loudly " fine....but I will watch you from the windows then if I can't go outside to check myself." Charle smile softy, while he made his way to the door " I am fine with that Fantasma" as he shuts the door he spoke softy and said " Another thing: Don't worry I know the animals are perfect safe inside the barn, if their don't have much hay I will put some more in the barn for them."

Fantasma look with bit of tear's coming down from his snow face with sign of worry " ok..... YOU PROMISES!?" As he spoken loud, Charles laugh then spoke softy " I promise, my son." Charles puts on his wolves coat given by Natives then walks outside of the cold, it was a blizzard outside. The trees cover with noting but white dust, ground look like cow milk that has been poured every where & houses look like tiny old ancestor ice age homes due to blizzard harsh storm. As Charles walks over to the barn, his son creeps outside with his tiny fox hat, fox coat & Indian warrior boots. Charles opens the barn door, the door wont open at first " Damn it, this door is sealed due to storm" then he signs " Guess Fantasma was right I shoulder made sure the animals was fine before this devil storm come. No matter I will just grab something to broke the ice with."


Fantasma smiled as snow falls onto his black hair " I knew it, farther why don't you listen to me the first time" He signs " Will he is trying his best Fantasma, after all he is keeping you & momma happy with his work so lay off him." As Fantasma stood in hidden spot, Charle grab a hammer from his black steel " This should do the trick." Charles walks over back to the barn then hits the ice making it fall, looking like people was coming from the shy falling down for something like a sin or effect that couldn't be explained by human nature. As Charles hit the ice, Fantasma was shaking like a leaf outside, he knew he shouldn't be outside but he wanted to know if the animals was ok or not.  First he cough softy, then he squeeze " Oh, no no no not now body. Don't Act Up On Me." As he was saying in his mind, Charles broken the last piece of ice that was on the barn. Fantasma stop thinking in his mind & out loud, as he follow he's farther into the barn.

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