Phantom Of The Opera; A Rose, Will Rise

1918, Italy in Genoa; A cold, winter day, snow falling softly & slowly. Fireplaces smoking in the sky, looking like heaven has fallen down. The men are: Smoking their pipes or cutting wood down, while the women are sewing or cleaning. And the kids are helping out or playing...this seems normal, but it not. This Peaceful town has a tale of; Lust,Love,Hate,Pain,Sorrow and Pity everyone around here in this town is hiding a secret from a young boy who will soon later learn about his parents & their past lives growing up together. Will this young man accept the past of his family curse? Or will he make it out ot be a legend to be known in all of Italy?


6. Chapter Five: Phantoms

Charles closely listen to his son sing the song, he was almost done with the lyrics " Disease of lust Disease of love The Disease of the Phantoms of the opera Ignore me my dears I will come back with words of truth you will see through who the real monster or the angel of truth. " As he finish, Fantasma turn to see his farther looking at him " Oh...hello farther....was..was I to loud? " Fantasma ask " no..NO...that..that was perfect.." Charles said, thinking of the thoughts " Oh, thank you..." Fantasma still thinking of the hand writing The two eyes look at each other and then at the same time " Farther? " " Yes, my son? " Did you write this piece; Phantom of the Opera; Son? " No answer, until good two minutes went by " Yes..yes son I did wrote this piece.." So it was true, he knew it! " May I ask why? " Fantasma ask, nervously " It hard to explain due to your young age " Fantasma look down disappoint Charles look at his son depress, he knew he had to tell the storie straight " But it time for you to know why I actually wrote that piece for...and it true storie about it. " Fantasma smirk, final some answers.
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