Phantom Of The Opera; A Rose, Will Rise

1918, Italy in Genoa; A cold, winter day, snow falling softly & slowly. Fireplaces smoking in the sky, looking like heaven has fallen down. The men are: Smoking their pipes or cutting wood down, while the women are sewing or cleaning. And the kids are helping out or playing...this seems normal, but it not. This Peaceful town has a tale of; Lust,Love,Hate,Pain,Sorrow and Pity everyone around here in this town is hiding a secret from a young boy who will soon later learn about his parents & their past lives growing up together. Will this young man accept the past of his family curse? Or will he make it out ot be a legend to be known in all of Italy?


3. Chapter 2: Wondering Mind

" Wow, it amazing that their don't freeze in this storm" Charles was hidden beside him then put his right hand on his son shoulder " I thought so too." As he look at Fantasma hard, " I thought I told you to stay inside. It too cold for you to be outside here you will catch your death" as the movement he said that Fantasma cough & squeezed loudly. " Oh-no, I-." Charles look with one eye brow up " See?" Smiles knowing his son was very cold & probably a ready catch a cold, their both hurry to the door, then close it as far as their could before any wind breath's could make it in. " Am sorry papa, I was just worried that Midnight would freeze, but I know it not excuse for my sorry farther that I don't listen to you. " Fantasma look down, with depression expression on his face. Charles sign then look at his son " Fantasma, am not mad...if that what your thinking " " Your not? " Fantasma, Charles shaken his head " Of Course not, how can I ever be mad at my own son. " Fantasma smile, then slightly Charles smile at Fantasma until he notice his wife: Rose-Who which had a looks of a demon ready to see through your soul then duel a sword through your heart. " dear, are you alright.." Charles was cut off " Do I look alright? " Rose reply " Did I do something wrong? " Fantasma ask, as he look around to see if he notice any mistakes he done- Which last mistake he done was braking every little glass in the house due to....a certain stallion....but that another tale. " No sweetie, am not mad at you..." As she narrow her eyes toward Charles " Hehe..." Charles notice the ashes on the floor " You got this place smelling like gentlemen house, next time dear-Can you not smoke in the living quarters? " Rose ask which made Fantasma feel board so he ignore his parent then went up stairs to practice his music. " let see, what to do? " Fantasma was talented child with both opera singing parents which made him popular in town, but sometime he wonder how his parents had this gift? He been hearing rumors that his parents was offspring of ghost of someone call " Phantom" which he wonder if that the reason he was name " Fantasma " in Italian to horror this...Phantom person whoever he or she was. Fantasma look at his musical instruments: Old Drum, Violin, wooden flute, some music papers & his journal of his own songs he has written and some old ones his parents sang but remade the words. He stare at his journal, he sign then pull the journal out then look at his music: His most top song was; Fire Dance which was written by a German man who was force to marry a women due to issues. Fantasma found this piece from his parent stuff, he rewrote the piece due to some of the words that sound depress. Fantasma taken a deep breath, he place the music on his small wooden desk then began to sing: " Dancing in the fire, I already got hire then toss out in a braking fire Now am dancing in the fire, singing of tales of blizzards of hell-Which no one could tell. The Phantom of the opera is real- As you see the hell, My darling don't cry, as we dance in the moon light that moon light is show of kindness as he taken your hands in blits of the..... fire dance. Romance is for the poor man, as he was thrown in as a cage man- Pity is for the rich, as their are a son of a bitch..." Fantasma stop then rewrote that part... he sign " What in the hell, was this German thinking ? " he thought he final rewrote the piece, he try to see if it would be better in his own words " The Phantom of the opera is real- Pity is for the rich, as their are a son of a..evil witch No crys tonight, as I taken my first bite you are the slave of the fire dance. My demons are my amens, the Phantom of the opera is real- As he begins to do his first kill he won't bite tonight, as he takes his...first...bite.." Fantasma look at his work.. " I think it time for me to stop....before I cry of thousand tears of shame of rewriting this piece..I wonder where Farther, got his piece at ? " Fantasma wonder.
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