Night's At Freedys

This story is base on the game " Five Nights At Freddy's. " A pizza place called; Freddy's Fazbear's a real place that was close down due to law suits, in some cases it is still running unknown to my intelligence I can't not poof this is true or not. The story of Nights at Freddy's is that Freddy's Fazbear pizza is hiring for work for removing one of the workers. Young lady (In game it he) name: Rosa Alexis Lewis who is looking for work alone for a short time until she can pay her college debt. As she wondering she comes to this pizza place filled with Robot Characters who are a band singing at pizza place. Will Rosa work or found hidden secrets along in this forgotten building?


3. Chapter Two: Freddy's Fazbear

" OK...Kim said it on; 2057 2643 SW Or Labor Rd Ankeny, IA 50023..." 
As Rosa was driving like a mad women who seem like she was on heroin base on the way she was driving- Her mind was forcing on the job flyer she seen not to long ago. It taken Rosa five minutes to realize that  other drivers on the road was cussing which she quickly snap. She began driving again, this time normally unlike-she been driving.
Four hours later, Rosa arrive at Freddy's Fazbear Family Dinner


" Hun..I wish I was five again, then I would think this place was better then chunky E Cheese. " She chuckle, then began opening her car door slowly-Glaceing at the pizza restaurant.
Her palms was began to feel wet from her nerves 
" OK Rosa, you have to act normally and friendly-Remember there are kids here, just act like there Kim child. Just act like Kim also...a mature-caring, sweetheart. " She talked to her self. As she shaken her head, she notice Kim was smiling-A smile she hasn't seen since the day she had her son. 


Now staring at her friend, a man who had a black eye wearing a white t.shirt he seem like he was in his 30's or late 20's but the age don't bother Rosa alone the fact the man look like he been beaten down with a baseball bat- A Metal Baseball Bat.
As Rosa was walking toward the building, the mystery man had his head down with a hat- With logo "Fazbear Guard" the man was now walking closer, and closer toward Rosa path. Rosa try to look other way but couldn't help it, she was holding " Help Wanted Paper " she found in her locker in her hand. The man was looking at her now, down toward her hand with the paper. As Rosa walk along, the man stop then look back with fear in his throat.


" My dear, don't do it "


" Am sorry...? "


" This job isn't easy as it seems, the night shift...isn' life will be at risk if you take this things....will kill you....or try to...their do everything in there make you fear them" 


Rosa watch the man slowly walk away, whine " Don't Do It " to himself, she made odd look then began walking toward front door-still thinking of their little talk. But Rosa couldn't care now, she had to force on having fun with her best friend & talking to boss of this kid hang out.
Rosa open the door-She notice their was a lot of kids in this building, and teenagers playing random games all over the place. Their was few adults their too, but mostly parents or workers. Kim was with her son; Ace, who look more happier then a child being in candy shop. She smile, then began walking toward Kim & Ace then something seem weird about walking into this place.


As she watch the kids laughing & playing, she notice something strange- Animatronics was looking at her direction, now it first don't seem like noting I mean after all these animatronics was built to have contract with people. But the way their was staring at her, it wasn't a welcome feeling. It wasn't joy of seeing new face it a prey ready to kill.
Rosa slowly walk toward Kim, noticing those eyes watching her-Slowly she walk toward Kim she knew alone one thing now: This place was the most creepiness thing in fucking history...and yet....she wanted to work here to found out why it felt like hell.

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