Night's At Freedys

This story is base on the game " Five Nights At Freddy's. " A pizza place called; Freddy's Fazbear's a real place that was close down due to law suits, in some cases it is still running unknown to my intelligence I can't not poof this is true or not. The story of Nights at Freddy's is that Freddy's Fazbear pizza is hiring for work for removing one of the workers. Young lady (In game it he) name: Rosa Alexis Lewis who is looking for work alone for a short time until she can pay her college debt. As she wondering she comes to this pizza place filled with Robot Characters who are a band singing at pizza place. Will Rosa work or found hidden secrets along in this forgotten building?


4. Chapter Three:: Party { Part 1: Thoughts }

" Hey Kim..." Rosa said as she kept her eye meant with one of the Animatronic: Which was Freddy Bear himself or robot self at less, Rosa thought to herself. She remember there was two types of Freddy Fazbears: Normal One & Golden One either way the way that robot was giving her the chills up her body. Kim notice this then turn her head facing Freddy Fazbear animatronic. Then bursting out laughing " Oh come on Rosa, it just animatronic it like the ones at Chucky E' Cheese " She try to joke. Rosa give her evil look for a movement before noticing Ace coming her way. " Hey Rosa! " Ace call out Kim turn her direction toward Ace then smile big " Hey buddy! Happy Birthday.." Ace smile big then smirk " Thanks! Hehehe did you bring anything to my party? " " Ace?! " " What!? " As Rosa watch the two talking, she notice a sign reading: Foxy Cave...who the hell was Foxy? Why wasn't he out with other creepy ass animatronics? Rosa thought hard until she notice Kim looking at the sign then looking at Rosa. " Rosa, you worry to know that? " Rosa smile " Yeah but you worry too if one of those creepy as-creepy things looking at you as if you was prey..." Kim laugh. " Come on, there suppose TO DO That! Hahaha....." Rosa look with evil-laughing eyes " Not funny..." " I think so! Hehehe, hey mom is it ok if I go around to play some games? " Ace ask, Rosa watching the two again in quiet matter. " Sure....alone through, if Rosa could watch you " Kim ask with Rosa smiling " Rosa, do you mind? " " It no problem, come on guys " Ace yell out, as he founded himself into the game section. Kim & Rosa just follow Ace into the game Rosa made sure the two was by her side safe away from those Animatronics.
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