Night's At Freedys

This story is base on the game " Five Nights At Freddy's. " A pizza place called; Freddy's Fazbear's a real place that was close down due to law suits, in some cases it is still running unknown to my intelligence I can't not poof this is true or not. The story of Nights at Freddy's is that Freddy's Fazbear pizza is hiring for work for removing one of the workers. Young lady (In game it he) name: Rosa Alexis Lewis who is looking for work alone for a short time until she can pay her college debt. As she wondering she comes to this pizza place filled with Robot Characters who are a band singing at pizza place. Will Rosa work or found hidden secrets along in this forgotten building?


2. Chapter One: Wondering

" Sorry Rose" said CEO of Hardware of Video Games at KOn " We just can't not hire anyone else no more and the rate pay is really killing us. Am sorry, but we.... " the man signs " we have to let you go, am sorry but we think it best for you to get another job then have this one." Rosa was in state of shock " Do you mean am...a-am fired?" Fired she thought, why in hell would she be fired!? She was the best stacker, best count worker, best gamer... " FIRED!?" She said out loud, everyone look at her as their was working on whatever their had to do. " Mrs. Rose, am sorry but- " she crack " It not Mrs. Rose, nor has it ever been Rose. It is Rosa my dear sir. " Man sign out loud " Rosa we have to let you go, please try not to make a scene. Just take the money and leave before I have to call the cops for your action of rudeness."  CEO held Rosa $1,000 bucks in rubber band.

" What is this? You know I get pay $500 month work for my age" She was looking hard at him, like a tiger watching Moe rat walking by, ready to attack any movement if rat makes the wrong way toward tiger. " I know but, I-I know your having it hard right now. I give you some of my money to help you out. Your the top best worker we have, and I know you can found better job then this. Fuck I seen you hack, program, cook the most best meals, service & humor the most famous people. " Rosa look down, in shame of her rudeness. Me the best she thought as she could be the best she wonder off " Rosa, please take this money it will help you out through college. I know it not enough due to rate pay falling.....but I know it will get you by. " CEO held the money to Rosa, Rosa just stayed their like a wondering dog trying to found food.
" Thank you, Bill.... sorry about my action it just, ( movement of sign) it just hard right now. With you know most of my friends are in Ohio, my parents are dead & will my boyfriend left with my slut of girlfriend. It just-just hard. " Bill hug Rosa " I know sweetie, I heard and am more then sorry that a lot of shit has happen. Your the most brave, honest & sweetness girls who is stronger then anyone here.....I know you can do better then this type of work & make more money then what I am paying you for each month. " Rosa look at her money, then walk toward the locker room. She grab all she had; Picture of her parents & her baseball cap. When she was grabbing her things she notice someone slip a paper saying: Work For Hire At " Freedy's Fazbear Pizza Restaurant."

Is this it? Does this really cut out for me, or no maybe it faith maybe it a trap!? She was wondering, looking at the paper the paper had three numbers on it: First number was owner; 1-800-329-2327, second number was second owner family member 1-800-345-5353 and the last number was the actually pizza place; 410-555-1987. As she look, she notice pay rate was $120 a night " Night shift, doesn't sound bad. I don't have to deal with the fucking moron's,  dumb-asses or sluts. " Day Time $50 dollars day till 9pm " Two shifts. Hmmm....... I guess I can give this a try, I hope it works out. " Rosa slips the paper into her pocket on the left, leaves the locker room & goes to parking lot, gets into her vehicle & leaves Kon.

As Rosa drives, she gets a phone call from a friend; Kim. A nice lady who was a single mother trying to rise her son by her self, Rosa always helped her whatever she needed it. " Hey, girly what up?! " Trying to act like in a playful mood " Just having my kids 11th birthday party " Rosa smile in the car " Aww and you don't invite me into the party? You know am a big party person. " Trying to make Kim smile, even through she couldn't see her smile...but she though of her smiling.  ( Kim Laughing) " hehehe Rosa your always welcome into my home, my party's, my events & hopefully my new wedding! The party is on 2057 2643 SW Or labor Rd  Ankeny, IA 50023

you know that pizza place called: Freedy's Pizza? " Rosa drops the phone ( Car horns) " Oooooohh-fuck! (Movement of breathing) shit-that was to close." (Kim talking) " Rosa! Rosa, are you ok? What wrong?" Rosa stops the car, blends down to reach's the phone. " Am sorry Kim, a-a-asshole was in front of me, doing some shit on the road. You said, your at Freedy's Fazbear Pizza Restaurant, right?" Rosa wondering off, knowing this is faith telling her to go to Freedys Fazbear. " Yeah I am" Rosa smiled, then made her way to Kim " I will be their girlfriend in littler bit, save some cake for me (Closes phone) hehehe my time to shine."

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