Night's At Freedys

This story is base on the game " Five Nights At Freddy's. " A pizza place called; Freddy's Fazbear's a real place that was close down due to law suits, in some cases it is still running unknown to my intelligence I can't not poof this is true or not. The story of Nights at Freddy's is that Freddy's Fazbear pizza is hiring for work for removing one of the workers. Young lady (In game it he) name: Rosa Alexis Lewis who is looking for work alone for a short time until she can pay her college debt. As she wondering she comes to this pizza place filled with Robot Characters who are a band singing at pizza place. Will Rosa work or found hidden secrets along in this forgotten building?


5. Chapter Four: Party { Part 2: Illusion }

Rosa & Kim watch Ace playing almost every game in the Games Section, " Will he's having fun " Rosa smile " Yeah, my boy is wild one " Kim smile back " So how have you guys been, it while since I seen you both " " We been great actually, Ace is getting better with school...and being very social now. " Kim eyes still on Ace " What about you? " What about me? " Rosa smile, try to joke with Kim" Come on Kim, you know what I mean " Kim sign " Ok..Ok I been better, my depression gone & am actually found a job " " Really? That great! What type of job?" " Nursing " " Best job ever " " Yeah, what about your job? "After Kim ask that she knew Rosa been fired yet again for her age " Am sorry..." " Don't be, I found another job the day I got fired. " " Really? What? " Rosa look down mumble the job " I...can't hear you " " Am...going to try to work night shifts into dinner..." Both was quiet for a movement, then it happen Kim burst out laughing which cause few parents & most of the kids to stare. " It not funny! " " Oh yes it is, hahahaa...First your afraid to walk around with those robots on stage and now your actually going to be around them! Hahahahah! " Rosa shaken her head, then look at the Animatronics she notice Freddy the normal one was still singing. Rosa shaken her head again: Was this all into her head? She thought hard until she turn back toward Freddy direction, he was...smiling...but the type as kids would have in candy shop this smile was evil. Rosa eyes turn widen then she look away back at Kim who was still trying recover from her laugh-or. Rosa try to laugh too but the thought of.....a mechanical bear smiling like that made her body frozen. Rosa don't want to force it but this place....this....weird...creepy ass place was her alone choice of getting money to pay off her college flee.
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