Night's At Freedys

This story is base on the game " Five Nights At Freddy's. " A pizza place called; Freddy's Fazbear's a real place that was close down due to law suits, in some cases it is still running unknown to my intelligence I can't not poof this is true or not. The story of Nights at Freddy's is that Freddy's Fazbear pizza is hiring for work for removing one of the workers. Young lady (In game it he) name: Rosa Alexis Lewis who is looking for work alone for a short time until she can pay her college debt. As she wondering she comes to this pizza place filled with Robot Characters who are a band singing at pizza place. Will Rosa work or found hidden secrets along in this forgotten building?


6. Chapter Five: Mr. Roberts { Part 1: The Talk }

" So your actually going to try to work here? " Kim ask, unsure Rosa would say yes " Yeah, I need the money to pay off some college flees...hopefully I'll work few nights here & get my money..then..." Rosa wonder off looking at band singing which was animatronics of course. " Then? " Kim ask Rosa don't speak " Rosa? " Kim ask, trying to get her friend together " Hmm? " Rosa brain reply " Then what? " Rosa look at animatronic again, then turn back to Kim " Then get the hell out of this place..." Kim gave small laugh ' Kim How much I love your laugh-or, it alone thing that takes my mind of this place..old friend ' Rosa thought as she look at Kim, who she catch looking at a man around some kids, even Ace was around the strange man which made Kim & Rosa look harder. Their notice the man was giving game coins out to the kids " Guess a worker? " Kim said still looking " Maybe, still...." The man smile then give out the last handful of coins to the kids as he watch the kids getting the coins he smile then walk away from kids. The man was now walking toward Rosa & Kim who had a bigger smile which made Rosa glade to see a 'NORMAL' smile in this place, other then the kids. " Hello madams " The man said " Hello " both reply " It nice to see new faces here " The man smile which made Rosa give odd feeling toward him but try not to be rude then smile back in return. " How rude of me, am Mr. Roberts " Kim look at the man with smile as Rosa look at Ace to make sure those freak of nature don't get to him but as she listen to the man speaking as she look around the place. " Am the owner of this: Pizza Dinner..." Rosa look with wide eyes ' This is the man who runs this freak show! ' Rosa look as those words went through her head: The owner of this pizza dinner? Really? I wonder what the hell type of deal he got when he inherit this place, giving his soul up for the devil or killing people? The thoughts that run through Rosa mind made her shiver doing the thought which made the owner look at her. She swear that the owner could see through her soul, with out thinking she ask a dumb-ass question. " So your the owner of this place? " Rosa question looking at the man " E-yep, I am, why? " Fuck me royal in the ass & give me strength.........I hate this place.
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