5 seconds of summer imagines

just some imagines that you can suggest and you can get by commenting


2. ash for nobody in particular

 sorry this may suck it is only my first so please no hate

liliy's pov

my boyfriend Ashton was coming home from tour today yay! i was waiting for him at the airport.i was wearing my guns 'n' roses shirt with my black skinny jeans and black vans. i had my headphones in while i listen to blink 182. i then noticed all the girls start screaming and i knew they were here. my eyes started to scan the airport for ash's eyes. i saw him and yelled,"ASHTON!" his head quickly flip around and looked at me.he smiled. god i love his smile its just so perfect.he ran over yelling,"LILIY PAD!" he hugged me and spun me around. we kissed and it felt like time stoppd. it was just me and him nobody else mattered.


sorry it's not very good but i hope you guys will start commenting and then i'll be able to make some more. bye

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