The Lost Girl

a young girl named Anna who had the same friends since Kindergarten and lost them within an instant and thinks no one likes her anymore but finds out that there was a boy at her school that has liked her all along


4. Sleep over at Lauren's day 2

So I woke up next to Lauren on the couch and I got up and went to the bathroom and got my clothes from Lauren's room. The only people who were awake were Lauren's mom, Luke and Me. So i grabbed mt clean clothes and hopped in the shower. While I was in there Luke walked in and said that he had to go to the bathroom thinking it was his mom in the shower, but he didnt know it was me and I started to laugh and he figured out it was me. All he did was laugh and say he was sorry. I was just glad he didnt see anything. When I was done, he blushed and we never told Lauren or anyone about it. It was just weird i'm glad no one heard or saw anything. So when Lauren woke up we ate breakfast and then went on a walk, but of course Luke's mom made him go with us so he was walking not far behind us. So Lauren and I talked quietly. Luke was just laughing the whole time. I think he could either hear us or he was thinking about what happened this morning. Well the end of the day came and I surprisingly passed out on the couch with Luke and Lauren on the chair, but we got waken up by Lauren's mom and she told us to go up stairs and go to bed, but we all went to Lauren's room and talked and then passed out on the floor. I was laying next to Luke again and Lauren moved onto her bed. I dont know how I keep on ending up next to Luke, but it is weird cause I kind of like it, but I cant cause we are best friends and I dont want that to change. Well I woke up looking straight into Luke's chest and got up went to the bathroom, got dressed and watched TV until everyone woke up.

Hope u liked this chapter

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