The Lost Girl

a young girl named Anna who had the same friends since Kindergarten and lost them within an instant and thinks no one likes her anymore but finds out that there was a boy at her school that has liked her all along


2. Best Friend or Best friends in the world

After loosing all of my best friends , I thought that my life was over until.....

I was just asked to the next dance by the kid i have had a crush on since i was in 2nd grade. JAXON Johnson

I said yes of course and i cant wait til the dance


Me: The dance is tonight Lauren and im so excited i cant believe that u actually get to go with me this year

Lauren: I know right i cant believe it either adn im so happy that u got a date but i have to come with my brother . He is so over protective ahahaha

Lauren's older brother Luke is in my class and is cute and all but we have been best friends since like preschool so both of them are my only friends right now he is over protective of both me and his family HE IS AWESOME!

Me: its just because he loves u and u know he does

Lauren: so r u saying that he loves u to cause he is over protective about u to u know

Me: that is not true we have been friends forever and u know that

Lauren: OK

That night at the dance:

Me: Lauren im so happy to be here

Lauren ya im excited cause i got to actually come this year

A little while later the first slow dance came on and i was in the middle of dancing with Jaxon when my old friends came up and were insulting me. I was then really embaraced and ran crying straight into the bathroom. Knowing Lauren she ran after me and it was like Jaxon didnt even care. Luke came running through the girls bathroom door asking me what happened all i could say was" WHAT ARE U DOING IN THE GIRLS BATHROOM", but of course he didnt listen so i walked out into the hallway with both of them following. Lauren was just silent, but Luke wouldnt stop asking questions about what happened. I then told him i was fine and he still didnt leave my side for the rest of the night. He made me dance with him everytime and i actually wanted to dance with Jaxon, but of course i couldnt cause of him. He is sweet but a little over protective. So at the end of the dance i went to Lauren and Luke's house and watched some TV with them but i got tired. So Luke walked me home, but it was weird we didnt talk like we usually would. We then finally got to my house and I stopped to say good bye but he just gave me the biggest hug ever, but for like no reason at all. I then went to bed that night thinking 'Do I like him or do I like Jaxon what is going on'

Author's Note: hope u guys liked this chapter i know i had fun writing it comment to give me any tips it is my first story so.......

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