The Lost Girl

a young girl named Anna who had the same friends since Kindergarten and lost them within an instant and thinks no one likes her anymore but finds out that there was a boy at her school that has liked her all along


10. #9

I'm sorry i havent been updating but i am now it might be short though cause it is late

Luke's pov.

I woke up with Anna's head leaned against my chest. I then thought about what we did last night.

Oh No what have I done. We made a promise to each other that when we were out of school that then is when were going to have sex but, look we just did. I got out of bed without waking up Anna and put on clothes and walked outside to blow off some steam.

My pov.

I wake up and I dont feel anyone beside me I was thinking that maybe he got up to go to the bathroom or something, but I couldnt find him throughout the whole house. I was starting to think that he left, but he isnt that kind of person. Is he? Then I went outside to the back yard and found Luke crying. I just went and sat next to him on the ground. He didnt say anything. I broke the silence.

Me: what is wrong?

Luke: i dont understand how I could have done that to you. and yes I do love u but I know I am not good enough for you I am terrible. I dont deserve you.

Luke then got up and ran away. I got up and followed, but I lost him. I ran home and straight up to my room and cried. I thought what was that all about we have been dating for a long time and now he desided that he is not good for me. I then thought about what he saig when we were only friends. He didnt want to hurt me like physically. So does that mean he didnt fuck me cause he thought he was to good then he does and he is all sorry i was to good. No im going to wait for him, but I still care for him and love him. It is just how he was acting was not him at all.Then I went over to Lauren's to talk to her and she said that Luke has been crying all day. I desided to finally talk to him.

Luke's pov.

I was still laying in bed after 2 whole days of crying. Then I hear a knock on my door I dont answer, but the person walks in anyway. I look up and it is Anna. I then start to tell her how sorry I am for doing that to her.

Luke: Anna I am so so so so so sorry. I didnt mean for that to happen

Anna: I dont get it what are you sorry for?

Luke: I am not good enough for you

Anna: Luke we have been dating forever and now you are upset that we had sex

Luke: yes cause when I started to date you I was put up to it by some friends, but then I got to actually like you

Anna: what who put U up to it?

Luke: Jaxon and then he threatened to hurt me bad if I had sex with you i just never thought of it ever and I am so sorry

Anna: Im not so happy about you being put up to it but im going to kill Jaxon

Luke: no u cant he can hurt u bad we will handle it together

Anna's pov.

I am pissed off right now im going to kill Jaxon.

The next day at school, I walked up to Jaxon and hit him in the balls and the stomach and walked away saying u dont mess with my boyfriend.

Then when I got home Luke to me that Jaxon said he wouldnt do anything if Luke didnt hurt me. I was happy and jumped into Luke's chest and kissed him. I had my legs wrapped around his back we made out for a long time and Luke was getting tired of holding me so he walked me upstairs to my room and pushed me up against the wall and locked my door he quickly took off his clothes and mine. He quickly put on a condom and pushed me on the bed.......................


Author's Note: I hope u liked this story it was just short cause i dont have time to do these things anymore, but maybe i will start another later

this was based off of so things in my life I am 14 but I got soe ideas from other stories and the characters are real except for Anna that is not the really name it is Anabel, but hte others are kids in my class that mean lots to me hope u liked my story






















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