The Lost Girl

a young girl named Anna who had the same friends since Kindergarten and lost them within an instant and thinks no one likes her anymore but finds out that there was a boy at her school that has liked her all along


8. #8

So  I have a good idea to make Luke feel better. So I went to school and I talked to Luke and told him to meet me at my house on Friday.

A Couple Days Later: Friday

Today I will put my plan in action. So i am going to invite Luke over after school today and my plan will commence

Luke: hey so u still want me to come over?

Me: sure come on over, my parents will be out of town this weekend with the other kids so it will be just me and u

Luke: ok im on my way

So he finally gets hear and I invite him in and I have a big dinner set up and some blankets on the floor and some movies and ice cream. We eat the dinner which it was actually good which is surprising. We then went up to my room to get changed into pajamas. I needed a shower.


Me: i need to take a shower u can wait in here and watch tv while u wait

Luke: ok

I get in the shower and blast my music. When im done i notice i didnt bring my clothes in with me I normally just went into my room naked and get dressed , but he was here. I walk out into my room with the towel wrapped around me and Luke is watching me as I am trying to find my pajamas.

Me: stop eye rapping me ( in a joking voice)

Luke: im not

Me: yes u were

Luke: well its not my fault that u are beautiful

Me: shut up

I then walk back into the bathroom and get in my pajamas. When i was done i noticed Luke was already down stairs laying on the blankets I layed out. First we watched Friends With Benefits and right in the middle of the movie Luke shut it off. I asked what that was all about adn he started to kiss me really hard. I loved it so much he was then on hovering of me as we made out. He grabbed me and put me on the couch, but didnt break apart. I was thinking this was getting a little crazy, but I didnt care anymore. I loved him. He picked me up off the couch with my legs wrapped around his waist and carried me to my room. He put me on my bed and kissed even more. I knew I loved him so I went with it. ......................





Hope u liked that chapter i didnt have a lot of ideas tonight it was late and i was tired so sorry if it was bad :l

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