The Lost Girl

a young girl named Anna who had the same friends since Kindergarten and lost them within an instant and thinks no one likes her anymore but finds out that there was a boy at her school that has liked her all along


1. Loss of friends

Anna (me) I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off and the smell of pancakes. I got dressed in an over sized  t-shirt and jeans with my favorite boots. I walked out into the living room and walked to the kitchen. I ate breakfast and walked out the door with my 3 little sisters and older sister. My sisters names are Zeena, Zora(my real sisters and) my step sisters Alannah and Olivia. Alannah is the youngest of us all she is 10 Zeena and Zora are 11 and twins And also Olivia is 14 and of course im 13. I get on the bus and sit with my best friend Lauren(the only one who actually stays my friend in the story) we have only been friends since like 2nd grade she is the same age as my sisters Zeena and Zora. Well we talk until the bus ride is over and i get to school have 1st period - 3rd period with my other best friends Tori,Tyra,Mikki,Londyn,Kelsey and Jerika. Then i get through the day but wondering why they are keeping me out of all of these conversations. I go home after grabbing my stuff from my locker. I get on my computer and talk to my friends and they were starting to be really mean to me they say: U R the UGLIEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET AND I DONT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE.

I say back: well that is clear that u dont want to be my friend anymore but why?

My friends answer: Cause you are and ugly Bitch thats why

I dont reply i just spend the rest of my night crying .


Others Note: Hope u liked this first chapter dont worry there is more to come and there is still more detail that still needs to go in. If there are any tips feel free to tell me this is my first story so! :)

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