The Boy Through the Window (c.h + l.h Cake/ 5SOS)

Ever since Luke moved in, he'd always been curious about the boy through the window.


2. 0.1 ||Moving In||



Lukes POV

I sat on the window sill of my new room, glaring at my locked door. To say I hate my dad was an UNDERstatment. My mom, Liz Hemmings, commited suicide beause of him. My older brothers -Ben and Jack- moved to America and didn't stay in touch, so they dont know. I find it sickening, though. But because I'm only seventeen, my dad moved from Sydney (When my mom died) to Melbourne, now we've moved back to Sydney.  I glanced across at the smaller house across from us, and I was happy when I saw a tanned boy who looked my age doing to the same. He even had headphones in, but he probably wasn't listening to Green Day. Maybe Macklemor or something... but not Green Day, their apparently "boring". Huh, okay too boring? Go listen to Peirce The Viel. Tell me what you think of them.

He looked at me an  that's when it hit me.

​Hes beautiful. Not the beautiful you'd say to your best friend, damn hot beautiful. I thought to myself, maybe we could be friends. It's better to be stuck in the friendzone than to be stuck in the stangerzone. I looked away from our stare fest, blushing. I bet he could see me from over there, and I got even redder at that thought. When I looked up he was laughing, and I KNEW he was laughing at me. After ten minutes of us looking at each other then looking away, he left the window and I was actually kinda sad. But there was shouting, so I better not interfere. The next thing I knew, my own dad was shouting for me, saying there were visitors. "This is Joy, and her youngest child Calum. He's a little older than you, but only by about 5 months or so. And this is Mali-Koa, she's a little older and their helping us unpack." My dad introduced the strangers as I walked down the stairs. But then I smiled and blushed, because it was the boy from the window. His name was Calum? That's cute...

"Cal, go help Lucas, and me and Mali will help Andrew in the kitchen." Joy demanded, and Calum didn't hesitate to follow me up the stairs. I showed him to my room, (well, he followed me) and all the boxes inside it. "Hi..." I said awkwardly, making him laugh weakly. He just waved, which made me think. Did he not talk? Was he mute? He did have a notebook in his hand. He scribbled during down on it, an  then I knew he was mute

​I know what your thinking. I'm not mute, I just chose not to speak. I need to trust that person I speak to, first. Like my friend Michael.

​it read. To be honest, I was jealous of this Michael kid. But then again, there's only one near school that isn't a pit round here, Norwest, and I bet Calum went there. "Okay. Do you go to Norwest then?" I asked, and he replied with a simple nod. "Cool. Um... can you help me with my posters? I have A LOT." I laughed, and he chuckled too, getting up and following me to a box full of tubes which contained them. He took out some, taking of the cap to one which contained a Blink-182 poster, but he didn't see the note. When he saw the poster, however, he gasped, smiling idioticly. 

You like Blink? And Fall out Boy, All Time Low, Green Day, Panic At The disc- OMG YOUR THE BEST.

​He wrote, making me laugh. Maybe he wasn't listening to Macklemor. I nodded, still laughing and froze when he threw his arms around me excitedly. 

​MIKEY DOESN'T LIKE CROWDS SO HE DOESN'T GO TO CONCERTS, THERFOR I HAVEN'T BUT NOW I CAN (with someone that doesn't obsess over Macklemor D: ((Mali/my sister)) ) LUKEY YOUR THE BEST!


I may have been jealous by this "Michael" but now I'm Lukey an  I'm not afraid or jealous of anything

This boy is going to be the death of me...


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