Moments in Time: A TBOC Excercise

Want to have just a shot of romance? These are a series of couples moments between my main characters in my comicbook Trash Bin of Cliches. I will be drawing these out in time, but for now they are here for you to read!

I have now turned my series Trash Bin of Cliches into a comic, that is being posted on my deviant art profile. These are a compilation of writing exercises built around Crownhowell's preferences stories that are based on youtubers.


4. Picture Caption

Sawyer: “Sometimes being famous doesn't matter, sometimes people just ignore you when a new gen pokemon game is out.” Willow has her index finger in the one second motion, her eyes glued to a 3DS on a plane ride.


Pierce: “Big love from the happiest place on earth. Besides Comic con.” A candid picture of Willow freaking out and pointing at the Rapunzel and Flynn actors, she has Minnie ears on.


Darren: “The sights from my veranda are absolutely gorgeous today as you can see.” Kennedy is in a sundress, lounging on a chair sipping tea as she reads. Sunset city horizon behind her.


Jude: “Trying new things is not as challenging as it looks, after about fifty tries.” A picture of Kennedy holding chopsticks like a pro.


Warren: “To think she does this professionally, but for me no jazz.” Riley is shielding her face from the camera with popcorn in the middle of a theatre.


Felix: “Strike a pose, work it girl!” It's a picture of Sage with a quizzical expression on her face and a pashmina wrapped around her head, jazz hands out and ready.

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