Moments in Time: A TBOC Excercise

Want to have just a shot of romance? These are a series of couples moments between my main characters in my comicbook Trash Bin of Cliches. I will be drawing these out in time, but for now they are here for you to read!

I have now turned my series Trash Bin of Cliches into a comic, that is being posted on my deviant art profile. These are a compilation of writing exercises built around Crownhowell's preferences stories that are based on youtubers.


2. Morning Voice

Sawyer: ...smooth like honey, but when is it not? He groggily opens one eye and then the other. A slow smile comes to his lips as he remembers last night. “Mmhmm, morning.” He rolls over and gives her a soft kiss. “How about we never leave this bed?”


Pierce: low and raspy, she opens her eyes slowly. “About time you woke up.” Will's mouth forms into a smile, fully aware that he too just opened his eyes. He climbs on top of her and nuzzles her chest. “Last night was fun.”


Darren: ...deep and somber. He rolls over and looks at Kennedy, a slow smile comes to his face as he meets her eyes. “How do you always look so good in the morning?” He tucks the hair behind her ear and leans in to kiss her.


Jude: ...quiet and pleading, when he hasn't slept yet. “Please, please Kenn, let me sleep.” Other times it's soft and welcoming. He wakes her up by lightly kissing from her shoulder to her mouth. “It's time to wake up Darling.”


Warren: ...groggy, full of the sleep he has still barely woken up from. Tilting his head so he can see her reading beside him, he sighs. “How come you never wake me up when you do?” He watches the smile light up her eyes before it travels down to her lips. “It's not like I don't try.”


Felix: ...warm and quiet, his brain still trying to catch up with the fact his body is awake now. He puts his arm out first, feeling for the warm body beside him, when he only finds the cool imprint on the bed spread he is fully awake. Jolting up he sees her come out of the bathroom. “Oh... good, there you are.” She laughs at him. “Really Felix, some morning you are going to wake up before I do and then how will you fare?” He just smiles and lies back down. “Shh... come back to bed.”

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