Moments in Time: A TBOC Excercise

Want to have just a shot of romance? These are a series of couples moments between my main characters in my comicbook Trash Bin of Cliches. I will be drawing these out in time, but for now they are here for you to read!

I have now turned my series Trash Bin of Cliches into a comic, that is being posted on my deviant art profile. These are a compilation of writing exercises built around Crownhowell's preferences stories that are based on youtubers.


10. He Realizes His Feelings

 Sawyer: It's bubbling up inside, getting harder to squash down. His heart flutters at a text for gods sake. He is as terrible as Max at this, sod it all if he starts cooing at his phone. And that horrible feeling he gets when Henry's ring tone for her sounds out at rehearsals, she's texting him, why is she not texting me? He stops right there, thinking of her. Yes, that is a problem, Willow Parker finds a way into his mind on plane rides, at concerts, in interviews. He stops short at that, what was the last question he was asked. “Sorry, can you repeat the question?” He winks at her and the interviewer blushes and quickly repeats it. “What do you look for in a girl?” Willow. What is with him right now he has answered this question hundreds upon thousands of times. “Uhh... She has to be...” Willow.


Pierce: In a way he knew when he smiled his brace-filled face at her in seventh grade. In another way he knew when she opened the door and let him into the apartment when he became their temporary roommate. As he looked at her laughing along with Perry at how they are going to dominate him at monopoly. “Each player plays independently guys.” “We are going to dominate him,” they nod simultaneously. It's infuriating, but all he can think about his how he always wants her to smile, just like that.


Darren: Of course, there was a reason why he subtly manipulated each job so Kennedy would be left as his assistant most of the time. So of course, it would be by the same reason he asked her to stay that night. And as she drunkenly declared herself to the spot of his girlfriend, he could only laugh and agree, putting her to bed and kissing her forehead. Noticing that he couldn't keep a smile off his face for more than a second as he lay awake in the dark, the springs of his couch pressing into his back. Kennedy Carson was his girlfriend.


Jude: He went out on a limb with her, writing down his number and the time his shift let out on her sand-witch box. She is wiping the whipped cream from her latte off her nose and a blush creeps onto his face. This can't be happening now, he's only known her four hours. The feeling doesn't go away and he kisses her cheek goodnight. Walking down her stairs he slowly devises a plan to be with her indefinitely before the end of the month.


Warren: Well, he was stalking her for three hours at the library, so he figured there would be his first hint. Would looking at this beautiful girl, who is telling you she is a model for a living, and wondering how in hell she is with you right now count? Not to get the wrong idea, he did like Riley for Riley. When she saw his scythe from Bleach and knew what it was? The first time he saw her total ineptitude with chopsticks? When did he not realize he had feelings for Riley would be an easier question.


Felix: It suddenly and completely washed over him like a tidal wave. He was just doing his weekly catchup with her like usual when some unknown brute came and tackled her from behind. His teeth grit in jealousy and his eyes widened with realization at the same time. He was so screwed.  

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