Moments in Time: A TBOC Excercise

Want to have just a shot of romance? These are a series of couples moments between my main characters in my comicbook Trash Bin of Cliches. I will be drawing these out in time, but for now they are here for you to read!

I have now turned my series Trash Bin of Cliches into a comic, that is being posted on my deviant art profile. These are a compilation of writing exercises built around Crownhowell's preferences stories that are based on youtubers.


6. Cuddles

 Sawyer: One hand tangled in her hair and the other wrapped around her waist, her hands either against his chest or on his waist. He needs to know she's there, that she's real, because sometimes he could swear she's just a dream


Pierce: Willow hates overheating, so she would always be half out of the covers, her leg over his waist, his hand on her thigh, arm around her shoulder and her face nestled in his neck. He didn't know what he wanted from her, only that it was her he wanted.


Darren: It was more in the traditional sense, she cuddled into the nook in his neck with his arms around her. Breathing her in, he made a spontaneous decision the day he said yes to her; and everyday since he didn't know how his stupidest impulse could turn into something so great.


Jude: They formed into each other naturally, all their body parts fitting together like pieces of an unseen puzzle neither knew existed. He would never be whole without her again, he didn't remember what it felt like to not be this way.


Warren: She sat on the couch, reading the business textbook her left hand held, her right hand ruffling his hair, his head resting on her thigh. His eyes closed, though he peeked up at her through his eyelashes. “I can see you, you know?” “What?” “Looking at me, I can see you.” “You always can, hasn't stopped me since I met you though.” And it never would.


Felix: Anyone would know she wore the pants, just by looking at them. Felix didn't mind, they were pretty equal for the most part. He just wanted to make it easy for her, with everything going on in her head, something should be easy for this brilliant beautiful woman he got to be with. But at night he held her, she would shake if he wasn't, whimpering of nightmares. She was brilliant and she payed the price of having such a mind, so he held her and kept her safe in the dark. His body framing hers, arms wrapped around her shoulders and fingers woven together, he held her.  

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