Moments in Time: A TBOC Excercise

Want to have just a shot of romance? These are a series of couples moments between my main characters in my comicbook Trash Bin of Cliches. I will be drawing these out in time, but for now they are here for you to read!

I have now turned my series Trash Bin of Cliches into a comic, that is being posted on my deviant art profile. These are a compilation of writing exercises built around Crownhowell's preferences stories that are based on youtubers.


3. Cold Hands

Sawyer: He rubs them together and exhales, not sure if it's because he doesn't want to trouble anyone or is just too stubborn to ask for help. Willow raises an eyebrow at him before taking her mitts off and taking his hands in hers. They are working hands, calluses from when he worked in the back at his Gran's florists shop, still remnant of the days he stops by to help on some days off. She breathes on them, and puts them to the sides of her neck. The cold biting, but slowly warming. He smiles and leans down, planting a tender kiss on her lips.


Pierce: She always found his hands fascinating, delicate like pianists hands, though he was never good with instruments, at least not very musical ones. His fingers, long and slender; palm, both soft and rough, his knuckles rounding out when he clenched them together, the little veins that would show through his pale skin. A mischievous smile on his face as he met her eyes, perfect snow ball in his hands...


Darren: He never had cold hands, it was an anomaly, one Kennedy quite enjoyed. He would take her hands in his and kiss them, keeping them there as his breath warmed them.


Jude: Kennedy would never know his hands were cold until he touched her, even then it wasn't for long, he would heat up in seconds. Pouting that he never could surprise her with cold hands.


Warren: Would wait until he was sure no one was paying attention and pull Riley towards him. Hands finding their way under her shirt, onto her lower back. Giving her chills she would try and push him off, hiding her smile. “But I'm cold!” He would pull her closer and mumble into her shoulder. Sighing she would stuff her hands into her pockets.


Felix: He would walk up behind Sage when she was zoned out, fresh in from the cold, and stick his cold hands on her sides. One time she jumped and flipped him, yet he still does it, every time.

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