Not Giving Up

For Claire and Emily growing up was hard, mostly because they were constantly being forced to move schools. They've never been able to make friends or have a normal life. Their life was difficult, very difficult..

What happens if one wrong move could make their lives worse?

......Read and find out......


1. Chapter 1

The trees passed as I looked out the car window. Dad always drives too fast, although he never gets any tickets or he never crashes. That's one of things I always worry about, because I've seen what can happen when people crash their car. It never ends well.

It's always quiet in the car, mostly because if someone speaks dad will stop and slap us.. or worse. I continue to look out the window as the trees started to go past faster and faster, and before I know it the car flips, and everything goes black.



"what is that annoying sound? Am I... in a hospital?" I think to myself

As my eyes start to slowly make their way open, I hear someone move near me. "come on body time to wake up!" I think to myself

"Hey, you're awake" a guy said

"H-how long have I been out?" I ask him while looking around. The walls where cream while the ceiling was white, boring, it's official hospitals don't like colours.

"A day" he answers.

"What about my brother and sister?" I ask then realise that dad was in the car too "d-did my d-dad make it?"

"Your sister is asleep behind me" he says pointing behind him "and your brother is in the next room. Your dad is fine, he just has a few cuts"

I nod and stare at the ceiling. Dads fine, nothing broken, just a few cuts. Any normal teenager would be glad that their dad only has a few cuts but not me. I would prefer he had a broken leg that way he could just stay in bed or stay in the lounge all day, but I guess things don't work that way. "What's your name?" I ask the guy.

"Shane" he answers.

"I'm Claire but you probably already know that" I say a laugh a bit "do you work here?" I ask Shane.

"No, I just help my mum out when she's really busy." He answers "you ask a lot of questions"

"I'm curious" I say and shrug "would it be okay if I had a shower?" I ask looking at him hopefully.

"I can't see why not, do you need help getting up?" Shane says.

"Maybe, let's see"

I sit up and move the blanket away from my body. I notice a few cuts and some dry blood on my legs but nothing major, which is a good thing. I swing my legs over the edge and put my feet on the ground. I stand up, and Shane helps me over to the bathroom even when I say I'm fine.

The bathroom itself is white with blue and purple tiles. "finally some colour!" I think to myself with a smile. I go over to the shower and turn it on, before I take the hospital clothes off I turn around and lock the door. After washing most of the dry blood off and making sure I had washed my hair I got out and warped a towel around me.

"Hey, Shane?" I ask looking out the door.


"Is there a blow dryer or or something here?" I ask

"There might be one under the sink" he answered

"Under the sink, under the sink" I say to myself while looking under the sink. "Nope, oh well" I grab the clothes that I was wearing before and put them on. I use the towel I had before to kind of dry my hair then I use my fingers to comb my hair and walk out.

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