Bitten! (5SOS) (Complete)

(Book 1) A human beautiful girl name is Amber Rose Rosemary, the vampire man's daughter, who now lives in with four vampire boys.

One of them have been fall in love with her and want bite her sweet blood.

One of them hates her.

One of them didn't want to stay close to her.

And one of them going to marry her.

"Please let me bit you?!" He begs.

He walks close to me as I walk backward and I was scared of him.

I'm about to turn around but he grab my arm and pulled me to him.

He bite on my neck and leaves me with bitten mark.

Let's find out more about what happens.


10. Chapter 9


Chapter 9




Calum's P.O.V

I was the one who bridal carries with Amber.

And also, I was the one who says apologise to her which was now when she's sleeping.

I hate her for so many reasons, and the fact is my girlfriend broke up with my friends and me too, whose boys and girls; our friendship was so much hate. 

For girls, they are so bi*ches!

They all are now human.

So I hate Amber because she does remind me of them.

But she isn't one of them.

She's a sweet girl, and I shouldn't have rude to her. 

So, all I need to do is saying sorry to her.

It's only one to do the right way.

I hide her from, where are we usually at, studio room.

I put her down on the couch.

When we enter, I saw Troy sit on the sofa.

I feel sorry because of my rudeness.

I sigh sadly. 

"What is happening?" Troy asks.

"Well... It was Ashton, who put her to sleeping." I explain.

"Oh. Right... I get some wet trowel on her head." Troy says.

With that, he walks away.

I hope she can forgive me IF she got woke up and I hope not she's got to be not mad.

"Calum, you can wait until she will be wake up." That was Luke.

I turn around to see him stand by the door and he already looks at Amber.

So he can read what she is thinking about.

"Calum..." She calls sadly.

I was shocked by she calls my name and I turn back to see Amber.

She's cute when she's sleeping.

"Yeah, she is." Luke reply.

I sigh sadly.

I wish I could be human like her, not a vampire.

He chuckles.

I turn around back to see Luke, and he walks to where I stand here, not too closer.

"Luke, can you please get out of my mind? Really! I'm quite of annoyed!" I ask/shout.

I look at Luke with my angry looks, and he stops laughs.

I sigh calmly, and I look back at Amber's slumber sleeping.

Amber, I'm sorry about that, like rude to you and snap to you.

I turn around to walk past Luke.

I want to be human again.

"Are you staying here?" Luke asks.

I stop at the door, and I turn around to see him, already look at me.

I sigh sadly, and I shake my head.

"No. Luke, tell me what she think?" I say/ask.

Luke turns around to see Amber's face, and he was shocked.

"Well... She hate you too when you said something like rude."

I sigh sadly.

"See? Exactly! She actually hates me. So, let me go." I say/beg.

Luke closes his eyes; open his eyes, and he sighs sadly when he crosses his arms.

He was thinking. I like it when he's thinking.

"Gee... Thanks! Yes, you can go now!" He says happy/panic.

I was shocked, and I saw Amber's body is moving now.

I run off quickly before she opens her eyes.

I wish I could go home. I sigh sadly.

I was on the outside of the building, but I saw Harry look down on the ground, and he walks past me when he enters the building.

I turn around to see him, and I sigh annoyingly because of him, enter the building without punch at me or beat me up.

I'm so happy!

I was bumping into someone.

It was her, Lolly.

Thanks, God!

I don't want to see One Direction boys. 

I do want to make trouble with them, but Mr Rosemary doesn't want to see me like Mr troublemaker. 

"I'm sorry, Lolly!" I apologies.

Lolly shakes her head, and she put her hand up in the air.

I take it, and I pull her up.

She has electricity power of her gift.

I don't feel like hurt, only other like Luke, Michael and Ashton have, but I don't. 

I sigh sadly.

I mean she's a half vampire and half human.

"So... What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Oh, I just followed Harry and just bumping into you. So..."

Harry, why?

I was so confused.

I was about to saying something to Lolly.

"Why do you follow him?" Someone interrupts our conversation.

"None of your business... Mates!" I turn around with my angry looks.

I was shocked.

I didn't realise it was One Direction who stand here in the front of us.

I feel like shield power glow upon us, Lolly and me.

"Tell us why did you both follow him?" It was Louis.

Louis looks at me with his angry face and growl look at the same time.

He was about to walk to us, but Liam stop him from grabbing his hand, and he turns to see Lolly.

"Was that you, Lolly? Was that you who follow him?" Liam asks.

I sigh happily.

I'm so glad that he didn't think it was us, but it was her.

Lolly nods, and she blushes.

"Yes, Liam." Lolly answers.

"Oh! Right, you are truly Luke's cousin, aren't you?" Liam continues to ask.

I look at Lolly, and she takes a bow.

I sigh sadly, and I look down on the ground.

"Calum?" Liam calls.

I look up at Liam.

"I still hate you guys, we do... But thanks for past Harry without punch or beat up. So, thank you, Mr Stupid Vampire." Liam snaps.

They're laughing and pointing at me together.

So, I don't care!

They're walking past us and then Louis were about to push Lolly too close to me.

But lucky for me, I stop him to grab his hand.

"Mr Perfect, don't you remember about Lolly's power?" I ask.

Louis looks at me with his confused look.

"Hand off!" Louis shouts.

I got his hand off of my hand, and I put the both of my hand up in the air.

Louis were about to push her, but Liam calls his name.

"I'm coming!" Louis yells.

"No! Come here!" Liam yells back.

Louis sighs annoyingly, and he groans when he walks away.

"Fine, I’m coming!" He shouts.

I sigh sadly.

Phew, I do want him to get hurt by Lolly. 

Remember she has electricity power, she will be hurt everyone when she wears her black gloves off.

But now she hasn't worn it.


But how did he alive without getting hurt?

"How did Troy still alive without get hurt?" I ask.

Lolly looks at me, and she sighs annoyingly.

"I wear the gloves. So, I can't hurt him." She answers.

I sigh out, and I shake my head.

I wonder what if Amber woke up.

Will she be mad at me?

Oh, yeah, she will!

I walk away to my car, and I get in the car.

I don’t want to run because of human people, they will saw me.

I drove off before Amber runs to where my car is.


You never know. 

Where am I going to, you ask?

Everywhere, I think.


I don't know!

"Oh, Amber, what have I done?" I talks to myself.

I was listening to our songs on the radio, and it was good songs.

I sing along with every song until I arrive in our home and I sigh out.

I get off of the car, and I close my car.

I enter the front door, and I run off to my room when I shut the door. 

I sigh sadly. 


Hopefully, she will not mad at me. 

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