Bitten! (5SOS) (Complete)

(Book 1) A human beautiful girl name is Amber Rose Rosemary, the vampire man's daughter, who now lives in with four vampire boys.

One of them have been fall in love with her and want bite her sweet blood.

One of them hates her.

One of them didn't want to stay close to her.

And one of them going to marry her.

"Please let me bit you?!" He begs.

He walks close to me as I walk backward and I was scared of him.

I'm about to turn around but he grab my arm and pulled me to him.

He bite on my neck and leaves me with bitten mark.

Let's find out more about what happens.


4. Chapter 3


Chapter 3




I thought this was just a friendly visit instead of a stupid pre-arranged marriage. 


Why Dad?

I open my eyes slowly, and I sit up.

I rub my eyes with my hand.

What time is it?

"It's Saturday in the morning!"

I was shocked as I look up at the blonde man who stands the shadows, yet again.

"Luke?! What are you doing here?!" I ask.

Luke walks over to my bed.

I wonder, what if he going to bite my neck again?

"Nope! I'm not!" Luke answered abruptly.

He's stopped by the corner of my bed.

"Amber, I don't think you have recognised us." Luke says flatly. 

Luke looks serious! 

Isn't he? 

"Yes, I am." He answers.

I was shocked.

What could he possibly mean?

"No! Why?" I ask.

Luke looks at me with his wired looks.


They do look familiar!

But why that?

They look like a band that I love.

A band is called 5 Second Of Summer.

Why do they are so familiar to me?

Luke still stare at my face.


It is uncomfortable.

He looks away from my eyes, and he looks down on the ground.

I was shocked!


"No! Don't look down!" I shout.

I was shocked.

I don't know...

What's up with me?

Luke smiles kindly.

Is he smile?


Where am I?

Oh, yeah! 

The band! 

"Would you mind if I'm asking?" I ask.

He looks up at me. 

"Sure! Anything. Is it about a band?" Luke asks.

I was shocked.


Did he read my mind? 

Of course!

"Yes, it is." I answer.

"Well... We want to say good morning to our one of these fans. So... Good morning, Amber."

He stands there for a minute, and then he runs out of the room.

Oh, wow!

But how did they know I am their fan?

Oh, well! 

I got up, out of my bed and I found my purple dress pyjamas on my naked body.

How did they put my pyjamas on my body?

It is only five men and one teenage girl.

And yes, I'm still teenage.

I saw a red t-shirt with a cat on it, white jacket, black jean and black Nike trainer on my bed.

I like it, but it's a creeper.


I'm going to take a shower now.

After that, I walk out of the bathroom with the towel around my body, and I head towards my room.

I sigh exhalation.

I wonder...

How did my mother die?

I put the clothes on my body, and I brush my hair into a straightened design.

After that, I walk out of my bedroom, and I found Luke stand beside of my door.

I was shocked.

He scared me! 

"Luke! What do you want?" I nearly scream.

Luke bows to me.

I smile a little.

"Well... I have to follow you back there." Luke says.

I was confused.

"It makes no sense to me." I say.

"It means-" He starts, but he cuts off.

He walks closer to me and he stop by his face is close my face.

"Luke. Loo-"

He cut me off.

"...I'm going to make sure if you're run away." Luke continues.


It means I have to stay here until I got married.

Luke nods, and he looks at me.

I sigh sadly.

"If you don't want to get married, then talk to your Dad." Luke says.

I'm scared of my father.

"Of course, I don't! But... My Dad kind of force me to got married." I say.

I look down on the ground, and I walk around him, to the stairs.

Luke chuckles softly.

He laughs?

I shake my head.

What was that all about?

"Well... I want you to be freak out over us." Luke says.

I stop at the top of stairs and turn around to see him stand there by my door.

If he looks familiar, then...


"I tell you why. Because we are in The Band." He run off.

I was shocked by he said it 'The Band'.

The Band?

What kind of The Band? 

They remind me of my favourite band, 5 Second Of Summer.


What am I doing?


I continue to walk away, and soon I enter the kitchen when everyone, except for Calum, in the kitchen, stares at me.

That was embarrassing!

I look at Calum, and he looks at me with his rude looks.

"What do you want?!" He asks harshly.

I look down on the ground.

"I want to say morning to you." I say nicely.

Calum crosses his arms when I look up at his face.

"Oh! Really! Well, morning to you, stupid human!" He just snaps.

I flinched back from the malice in his voice.


What's wrong with him?!

He pushed past me.

Calum just storms away.

He's a stupid guy! 

I shake my head, and I turn around to see them.

Luke stand up to walks to where I stood, not too closer, but closer enough to be uncomfortable.

"Calum has a gift from shield power. So..." Luke explains.

I give him an interesting look.


I was about to say something, but Ashton interrupts our conversion with a 'cough' into his hand, and I turn around to look at him.

"I have a sleep power... It wasn't your eyes shutting themselves. It was me who made you sleep." Ashton explains.

Okay, it was wired!

But I find it interesting.

I nod.


I don't know what to say.

"I got a gift from psycho power."

Michael comes in and put his hand around my waist.

I was shocked, because of it, I look down on his hand.

"I-I-I..." I say nervously.

"Come. Eat it first." Michael says politely.

He guided me with his hand on my waist to the dining table, and he put me down on the chair.

I wish I could go back London with my aunt.

I sigh sadly, and I look at his face when he looks at me at same times.

"Not hungry? Well... I made a breakfast for you." Michael smile at me. 

Of course, I am!

"Nope! I'm not." I lie.

I was about to stand up, but Michael grabs my hand to make me sit down. 

"You're lied. You'll be so hungry later. We never come back until midnight." Michael says.

I'm starting to get scared.

I look down at the food, and I'm starting to eat it.

Michael pats my shoulder.

"Good girl." He says.

I was shocked.

Didn't I realise that they know this song? 


I look up at them, but they're already gone.

I sigh sadly.

I wonder...

How did 5SOS go on with Music?




Hi! :)

Here it goes! For you!

I hope you like this! 

See you!

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