Bitten! (5SOS) (Complete)

(Book 1) A human beautiful girl name is Amber Rose Rosemary, the vampire man's daughter, who now lives in with four vampire boys.

One of them have been fall in love with her and want bite her sweet blood.

One of them hates her.

One of them didn't want to stay close to her.

And one of them going to marry her.

"Please let me bit you?!" He begs.

He walks close to me as I walk backward and I was scared of him.

I'm about to turn around but he grab my arm and pulled me to him.

He bite on my neck and leaves me with bitten mark.

Let's find out more about what happens.


21. Chapter 20


Chapter 20




Today is Wedding Day!

Yesterday, I had fun with the boys' girlfriend, and I ask them how they met men that I made friends.

Today is our Wedding Day.

I wasn't happy with it... 

I was supposed to be a happy girl but how? 

I woke up by the sun is on my eyes, and I sit up slowly because of my hurt back.

I saw all girlfriends of boys was still sleeping. 

I turn around to see Luke was standing by the door and staring at me.

Since when he change his pyjamas into clothes too fast?

He looks at me with the wired face. 

Oh, right!

I forget about that! 

He's half vampires and half human.

"What day is it?" I yawn.

Luke give me an evil smile, and he walks to me, closer and closer.

"Luke! What are yo-" I cut off.

He just pulled me into him closer, and he put his face on my face, then down to my neck.

I'm not scared of you, Luke.

"Scream to Michael for help." He whispers.

Seriously, Luke!

I'm not frightened of yo-

He interrupted my thought by tricking me to bite my neck.

No, no, no!

"MICHAEL!!!" I scream.

I just make everyone wake up, and I was shocked.

Their girlfriends, they don't know about the boys are vampires!

"Nah! Ashton make them sleeping hard." He whispers.


He just gives me a kiss on my neck softly as I feel like I have shiver feeling.

I wish I could shoot him to go away from me. 

"Fine, but first..." He pauses.

He bites my neck and Luke shallow my blood.

When he bites my neck, I scream.

End of a nightmare.




I was sleeping in real life, but it was a nightmare!

I turn side by side quickly, and I scream at the same time.

I feel like someone touches my hand.

I thought that was Luke, but it wasn't.

"Amber!" That was Michael.

I woke up, and I sit up quickly.

Michael sits next to me on the floor, and he gets up.

"Michael!" I cried.

He gives me a gentle hug, and I hug back.

I wish the nightmare would go away.

"Don't worry. I'm here." Michael whispers softly.

I pull away from the hug, and Michael helps me to wipe the tear away from my face. 

"You see... I have nightmare about on our wedding day that's when Luke bite my neck."  I explain.

"I know..." Michael pauses.

He gives me a friendly smile.

"I promise you would like to have fun with me on honeymoon. But I-" Michael pauses.

I look at him quickly, to see his white eyes take over his own green eyes.

"Michael!" I shout.

Someone runs to enter my room, and the person startles me.

"Don't!" That was Luke who startles me.

I turn my face around to see Luke's confused face. 

"What's wrong?"

Luke looks shocked at reading Michael's mind, I think, and I saw the tears are on his both eyes. 

"I said what's wrong?!" I nearly scream.

Luke looks at me with his tears eyes, and he opens his mouth.

"I wish-" Luke cut off by Michael shout to him.

"Don't tell her!" 

I was shocked, and I turn around to see Michael with his tears eyes quickly as I could. 

"Michael..." I call softly.

"I saw you, in my mind; I swear I saw you that you're died on your bed." Michael explains.

I sigh sadly because I'm worried.

"I'm sorry."

I make a deal with my dad.

When I die, then I would be half vampire and half human like them.

Luke looks shocked at reading my mind.

I turn around to see Luke, and I give him 'Don't tell him' looks on my face quickly.

Don't tell him!

If you say about our deal, you know the 'k' word.

Kick you. 

He looks at Michael and me at the same time.

He gives us nervously smile. 

"Erm... Don't you forget about your wedding day is today?" Luke explains nervously.

I was about to say something, but someone interrupts my talking.

Guess who?

It was Lolly Woods.

She brought my wedding dress, which was, it is in the wash and clean shop in Australia.

"Hey, girl... I got your wedding dress!"

She put the dress on my chair, and the boys run off.

She turns around to see me and I stand up.

I walk to the chair, and I nod quickly. 

"Yeah, thanks, Lolly!" I give her a hug.




4 hours later,

I saw a sister, of Harry's, walk to where I stand.

How did I know that she is Harry's sister, you ask?


You can see that she has green eyes and long curly brown hairs as Harry has same green eyes and curly brown hairs.

"Sweetie, are you ready to go? Thank you, Chrissy!" She gives me a present.

She nods, and Chrissy walks back to Harry.

She's my first bridesmaid.

Harry beg me, that's how she become my bridesmaid.

She wears a beautiful dress in my favourite colour, purple.  

I sigh sadly, and I turn around to see myself as bride dress in the mirror.

Lolly helps me to do makeup on my face and to do my hairs was Tayla.

I hum, and I spin around at the same time until I see someone stand behind me.

I was surprised to see Luke stood behind me and I put the both hand of mine in my mouth.

I turn around quickly.

"Oh!" I nearly scream.

Because he startles me, Luke still staring at me and I just look around.

"Everyone has arrived. So, get ready!" Luke gives me a fake smile. 

He turns around to walk away like zombie walk.

I wonder what if he loves me.

Do you think so?

I wish I could love-

I look down on the ground. 

No! What am I saying?

My dad comes in my room, and he stands behind me.

"Amber... Are you ready?" Dad asks.

Just breathe!

breathe in and out for once, and then I look up at him.

"Yes, father." I answer.

I would like to say I do...




Here! For you!

Next chapter is for 1D's girlfriends or wives and 5SOS' girlfriends.

I give you all girlfriends and sisters dress.

Did you see these purple and pink? Purple mean you could be Amber's bridesmaids. Pink meant you could be Amber's flower girl.

Any colour mean you have to sit down.


Sisters of 1D boys'







Sister of 5SOS boys'






Girlfriend of 5SOS boys'





Girlfriend of 1D boys'







The last one is Amber



That's it!! Thanks!

So, See you!!


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