Bitten! (5SOS) (Complete)

(Book 1) A human beautiful girl name is Amber Rose Rosemary, the vampire man's daughter, who now lives in with four vampire boys.

One of them have been fall in love with her and want bite her sweet blood.

One of them hates her.

One of them didn't want to stay close to her.

And one of them going to marry her.

"Please let me bit you?!" He begs.

He walks close to me as I walk backward and I was scared of him.

I'm about to turn around but he grab my arm and pulled me to him.

He bite on my neck and leaves me with bitten mark.

Let's find out more about what happens.


3. Chapter 2


Chapter 2




I just pry my eyes open slowly, and I turn onto my side. 

Across from my face, I see the man, who looks quite young and he has red eyes, dark brown hair and wears a black suit.

I was shocked by his red eyes met my light brown eyes.

"Who are you?" I ask nervously.

He still looks into my eyes, and he opens his mouth.

I was shocked by I can see his fangs.

What is happening?

"Are you Amber Rose Rosemary?" The man asks.

I was shocked.

How did he know?

"Y-Yes, I am."

I turn away refraining from looking at his red eyes.

I don't know who he is.

"I'm your Dad, Carlisle Rosemary." He answers.

I was shocked by...

He could have read my mind.

I turn back to see him quickly. 

Did he say 'Dad' in front of me?

"Dad?" I recalled with my confused face.

"Ah... Did your aunt told you everything about me?" Dad asks.

"Y-Yes, she did." I nod.

She knew everything about my father.

But I only know that he's a vampire.

That what my aunt told me. 

"I want you to meet them. I know you only met two of them, Luke and Ashton. But I do believe you were about to meet another two of them. Guys!" He calls.

I sit up slowly because of my sleepily, and I look at their face, four guys.

This is interesting!

Because I saw those beautiful eyes. 

Luke smiles at me, and I was shocking by it. 

Oh, I forget!

He can read my mind because I'm a human.

"Calum, Micheal? Well? Introduce yourself."

Dad turns to see the boys who I haven't met.

It was a man who seems like 18 years old and has Black hair with a Blonde highlight streak, Brown eyes and only wearing black garments.

"Mine is Calum." He growls a little.

Calum turns away from my face, and he storms away.

Calum is a bit rude to me.

Is there something wrong with me? 

Another boy who seems 19 years old or something and has Red hair, Green eyes and same as these guys wear black.

He's smiling at me as friendly.

"Hey. It was finally nice to meet you. I'm Micheal." 


He's very friendly!

I don't know what to say...

"Hey, Micheal." I say.

"And Micheal is going to marry you, Amber." Dad explains.

I was shocked.

That's why Micheal seems friendly to me.

"You can't, Mr Rosemary!" Luke complains.

Can't he?

I was very confused! 

"I'm confused. Why did you do it for me?" I ask.

Dad turns back to see me in my state of utter confusion.

"Because-" He start cutting off short.

I look down on the sheet, and I lie back on the bed.

I don't know what I did or how exactly I did it. 

I can feel that the tears were in my eyes and I let them down on my cheeks.

I feel...


My eyes are starting to close slowly.

I wonder who have this power? 

Every vampire has a gift.

There has electricity, read every human's mind, sleep power, shield and psycho.

All I know is Luke can read all human's mind.

My eye's completely shut now.




Here it goes! 

For you guys!

If you're confused about this chapter, why did you said so? :) 

Thanks for reading this story.

Love you! 


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