Bitten! (5SOS) (Complete)

(Book 1) A human beautiful girl name is Amber Rose Rosemary, the vampire man's daughter, who now lives in with four vampire boys.

One of them have been fall in love with her and want bite her sweet blood.

One of them hates her.

One of them didn't want to stay close to her.

And one of them going to marry her.

"Please let me bit you?!" He begs.

He walks close to me as I walk backward and I was scared of him.

I'm about to turn around but he grab my arm and pulled me to him.

He bite on my neck and leaves me with bitten mark.

Let's find out more about what happens.


20. Chapter 19


Chapter 19




Two days to go,

Yesterday, we had a wonderfully fun except for Luke. 

He's already gone.

Oh, well!

Today will be fun!

Calum’s finally nice to me.

I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen.

Then I heard the front door that someone open and then the door close.

I can hear two people whose giggle at each other and I turn around to see them.

It was Luke!

I was shocked by someone who's close to him.

It was a girl-


She looks bit older.

Is she a human? 

She looks like nineteen or something. 

She's short, but Luke seem like he didn't care about this. 

She has galaxy hair, and she has a beautiful dark brown eye.

Michael carries two hot chocolates with him, and he caught me in looking at Luke. 

He put the hot chocolate down on the table, and he smells this girl at the same time.

"Human." He mutters. 

Luke saw me! 

I look away from his face quickly as I could, and I pick hot chocolate up to drink.

They walk in the kitchen as our way.

"Amber?" That was Luke calls me.

I was shocked by he calls my name.

I feel like it's my first time, but it isn't.

I turn around to see them and...

There they are, staring at me! 

"Luke!" I call in hurt.

I look down to my heart. 

What was that?

I feel like the heart of mine was broken, and anger takes over my body.

Am I Jealous?

I look up at Luke's face and...

He gives me an evil smile?

I was shocked by it.

That's his plan! 

Oh, yeah!

I forget about that, and he can read our mind.

I sigh sadly. 

"What? Did you forget about my birthday is on yesterday?" I ask/snap.

Luke was about to say something, but the girl cuts him out.

"Are you Amber?" She asks.

I was confused, and I look at them at the same time. 

"Yeah..." I reply confusedly.

The girl's squeal loudly and then I put my hand on my ear. 

"Sorry! Was it loud?" She asks.

I nod.

She seems nice.

"This is your present from me. Amber, meet your new friend and my new girlfriend, Lolly Woods." Luke explains.

Luke smirks at me, and I look at him with an angry look. 

A few second later, I sigh out because I'm calm down. 

Calum comes in the kitchen, and he grabs two drinks of water with him.

I saw it, and I walk to him.

"Calum, why you take two waters with you?" I ask.

Calum turns around to see me and he close the fridge.

"Because I'm so thirsty and my girlfriend’s too." Calum answers.

I look up at the roof, and I groan.

I walk off, and I look down on the ground.

I wish the wedding's over!

So, I could move on!

I was bumping into someone, who's the girl.

The girl who has dark brown eyes, brown hair with blonde highlights and wear makeup too much.

Who is she?

"Tayla?" That was Ashton.

He looks at Tayla and me at the same time. 

I sigh sadly.

That is the girlfriend of Ashton's.

"Oh, Tayla, shall we?" Ashton asks.

I nod with an annoyed look.

I was about to walk past them, but Tayla stops me, grab my arm.

I was shocked. 

"Are you Amber?" Tayla asks.

I put my confused look on my face, and I turn around to see her.

How did she know that's my name? 

I sigh out.

"Yeah." I put my serious look on my face.

"My name is Tayla Folks." She says.

I give her a friendly smile, and I walk backwards to my room.

I turn around to see another girl come out of Calum's room which is next to my room. 

She got dirty blonde with natural highlights, has freckles on her face and blue/green eyes. 

Calum comes out, and he put his hand around on her waist.

"Calum..." I call.

He saw me at my door, and I just cross my arm.

"Is that your girlfriend?" I ask.

He looks at this girl and me at the same time.

He gives me nervous chuckles.

"Em... Yeah, it is!" Calum answers.

"Ohhhh! I don't think we have met before. So, my name is Amber Rose Rosemary." I explain myself to this girl.

"Ohhhh, I heard about you. I'm so excited to be your bridesmaids." This girl says.

I didn't even know I get bridesmaids!

So, I'm waiting for her to say her names.

She didn't realise that I'm waiting.

"Oh! My name is Alyssa Edward." Alyssa replies.


Cute name!

I nod slowly, and I give her a smile a little. 

She smiles back.

Alyssa seems beautiful and the lucky girl that Calum got her.

She looks happy.

I wish I'm happy for Michael and me!

For now!

I feel like I was having death feeling when I saw Luke staring at me. 

With evil looks, I wonder why?

I don't understand!

Maybe he wants me to feel jealous, and I would fall in love with Luke, but it's never happening!

Why did he do it?

I sigh sadly, and I look up at them as they are walking away with a hand to hand.

I was surprised that Calum wants her.

BUT he was bullying to me before my birthday. 

I was confused that make me wonder...

Why did Calum do it to me?

Bully to me?

Maybe I need an answer very soon...

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