Four boys three girls and one story

Three girls from the same schools different ages bffutwe and in love with the same band

*as we walked into school we saw them and they saw us......*


3. The Life


So Mikey and I are dating now we have been dating for a week now. So today I am going to see him at his flat he shares with calum. I walked up to the front door and knocked. Michael answered the door.

"Good morning." I said while giving him a kiss.

"Why are you here at 8:00 in the morning?" Michael asked.

"I was bored." I admitted.

"Come in." Michael said while rubbing his eyes.

"Is cal home?" I asked ( me and cal are best friends).

"In the room." Michael said while sitting on the couch.

"CALLLLLLL!!!!!" I yelled through the flat.

"Wha-" before calum could finish his sentence I jumped on him.

Then I grabbed his phone and went on Twitter and took mad selfies with him picked one an the caption was

I am here with sleeping beauty aka calum #sleep

Then the likes went sick.

"Bye sleepy head I am going to let you sleep." I told calum

"I can't know you woke me up!" Calum yelled. Then I jumped off of him and went to the living room. Michael was sitting there with tea and cookies. YUM.

"Here sweetie." Michael said giving me my cup.

"Thanks Mikey." I said. Then Michael put in mean girls.

"I love this movie Mikey!" I shouted as I pecked him on the lips.

"I do to!" Michael shouted. An hour in the movie it got up and went into cal room again. He was awake reading in his bed.

" what you reading?" I asked startling him.

"Don't scare me like that joc." Calum said.

"Sorry grumpy." I said laughing. But the calum put the book down and started tickling me. Why do they always tickle?

"STOP CAL!" I yelled laughing. But then Michael came running in the room to see what was going on.

"Are you stealing my girl!" Michael yelled jokingly.

"Cal was just tickling me like crazy." I told him.

"Oh." Michael said.

"I have to talk to you." Michael said.

"Ok." I said worried.

"The boys and I are going on tour with one direction an I wanted to know if you wanted to go?" Michael asked.

"I would love to go." I said. Michael picked me up and spinned me around.

"When is the tour and is Alyssa and Juliana coming?" I asked.

"The tour is in a week and yes they are coming!" Michael said excited.

"This is going to be so much fun!" I squealed.

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