Four boys three girls and one story

Three girls from the same schools different ages bffutwe and in love with the same band

*as we walked into school we saw them and they saw us......*


2. The Date


I had went to Jocelyn's house to get ready with Juliana because it is supposed to be a triple date Luke had told me when he called. I knocked and Jocelyn opened the door looking beautiful as ever. She had on a 5sos shirt with skinny jeans and a beanie with her curls and locks out w/ her big brown eyes shining in the moon light. Plus some white Jordan's.

"Hey." I said

"Hey." She said "come in."

"Is juju here?" I asked

"Yes she is getting dressed." Jocelyn answered. Jocelyn and I went in her room were Juliana was with her red dress the cuts to her mid thigh with knee high boots and her hair straight.

"You both look amazing!" I said. I had on a white short dress with a black belt with black and white heels on with my hair straight.

"You too!" Juliana and Jocelyn shouted.


We were all talking then we heard a knock on the door so I went to open it. The three boys stood there with bouquets. Luke with tulips, Michael with roses, and calum with daisys.

"You look stunning!" Michael said. He had on a nirvana shirt with skinny jeans and boots.

"You too." I said. Then Michael gave me the flowers and walked me to the car.


I walked to the door and saw calum wearing a white shirt with a tie and skinny jeans with a bouquet of daisys. Adorable.

"You look so amazing." Calum said while giving me the flowers.

"You look fancy yourself." I said joking.

"Let's go." Calum said with his arm out. I took his arm and walked to the car with him.


I jogged to the door to find Luke in a bad boy shirt with skinny jeans and boots.

"Wow." Luke blurted. I chuckled and gave him a hug and he hugged back.

"These are for you." Luke said handed me a bouquet of tulips.

"Thank you Luke you are such a gentle man." I said laughing.

"C'mon." Luke said pulling me to the car.


The boys and I have the whole date planned! First we are going to have picnic on top of east rock then we are going to play she looks so perfect then end the perfect night with a kiss.

"Were here." I told Jocelyn. She nodded her head. We all got out of the car and I grabbed my blanket and basket and headed up with Jocelyn.

I set up the picnic then we sat down.

"This is my perfect date Michael how did you know I would love this?" Jocelyn asked me.

"You look like a chill back girl." I said

"Well I am." Jocelyn said. It started to get dark and we were lying on the blanket looking at the stars.

"The stars are so beautiful tonight." Jocelyn said amazed.

"Not as beautiful as you." I said looking at Jocelyn.

"You are so cliche." Jocelyn said joking. Then I started tickling her to death.

"MICHAEL hahah STOP!" Jocelyn yelled between laughs. Then I let her go and we were laying next to each other.

"Come on." I said while pulling Jocelyn up.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"You'll see." I teased.


All if the boys took all of the girls to a place on the rock and played she looks so perfect. During the whole thing I couldn't stop staring at Juliana bobbing her head up and down. After the song was over we all went back to the picnic spot to clean.


Alyssa and I went back to the picnic area to clean up. After we were done while Alyssa was turned around I walked to her she turned around and I kissed her. It was a magical kiss there were fireworks and vanilla ice cream.


Jocelyn and I went back to clean up. While I was turn around Jocelyn put icing on my face.

"Oh no you didn't!" I yelled and started to chase after her. I caught her and leaned in for a kiss. Three words. Amazing. Magical. Dating.


Juliana and I raced each other to the picnic area. She won and I hugged her. We pulled away we stared deep in to each other's brown eyes. I leaned in for the kiss. Wonderful.

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