Four boys three girls and one story

Three girls from the same schools different ages bffutwe and in love with the same band

*as we walked into school we saw them and they saw us......*


1. That Day


"Jocelyn!!!" Alyssa yelled while jumping on me.

"What Lussa( Alyssa and Luke's ship name I made)?" I asked.

"5 Seconds if Summer is going to be at school today!" Alyssa said shouting.

Brief summary of life: I am Jocelyn Santiago, I am 16 I am in love with Michael Clifford and my bffutwe are in love with the other guys Juliana with calum and Alyssa with Luke. I live in new haven ct and I also live with my mom jasmine negron my dad angel Santiago my little sister jayla Santiago and my little brother Ayden Santiago.

" let's go tell Juliana!" Alyssa and I said at the same time. We found Juliana at her locker.

"Juliana did you here the news?" I asked

"Yassss 5sos is going to be here!" Juliana shouted.

"Where is the principles office?" I knew that voice anywhere MICHAEL CLIFFORD!

"Um it is right here." I told him walking up to him.

"Thanks what is your name?" Michael asked

" I am Jocelyn your biggest fan ever!" I said excited trying not to sound weird. He chuckled and asked how old I was and I said 16.

"Guys I know where the office is!" Michael shouted. Luke came around the corner staring at Alyssa and Alyssa staring back.

"Luke." Michael snapped his fingers in front of his face.

" uh what." Luke said coming out of the daze.

"Stop staring." Michael whispered and Alyssa chuckled.

Then calum came around the corner and immediately went to Juliana.

"Hi." Calum said

"Hi." Juliana said


Calum and I exchanged our greetings and started talking and then..


" I have to go to class nice talking to you." I said but then calum asked me on a date

"I would love to go on a date!" I squealed.

"Okay tonight at 8?" Calum asked.


"See you then." Calum said while walking into the principles office.


Michael and I was joking around until the bell rang.

"darn I have to go to class." I said mad

"Can I ask you something?" Michael asked.

"Yea anything." I said.

"Will you go on a date with me?" Michael asked. To be honest I was so stunned and shocked but I blurted out yes.

"See you at 8." Michael said.

"K see ya." I said while he walked into the office.


After staring at each other for it felt like hours he asked my name.

"Alyssa." I said

"Pretty name." He said my heart melted. But then the bell rang

"I have to get to class." I said.

" k but first will you go on a date with me at 8?" Luke asked.

"Yes I would love to!" I shouted he chuckled.

"K see you then." He said while walking into the office.


Juliana and I walked to math together while talking about the date.

"So what are you going to wear?" I asked Juliana.

"Probably a dress and some boots." Juliana said.

"Come to my place tonight for we can get ready together." I said.

"Okay." Juliana said. But then we saw Ashton Irwin and he was coming up to us.

"Hey cals and Mikey's girls do you know were the principles office is?" Ashton asked.

"Yea third floor and how do you know us?" I asked.

"Michael and cal is my best mates I know everything." Ashton said while jogging away.

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