Four boys three girls and one story

Three girls from the same schools different ages bffutwe and in love with the same band

*as we walked into school we saw them and they saw us......*


10. First Concert


Today is the boys first concert. YAAA. I had just woke up and started jumping on Mikey.

"Wake up poopy head!" I screamed.

"Too early." Mikey said like a zombie.

"You have to get ready for the concert." I said.

"Oh yea." Michael said while jumping in the shower. I put on some jeans with a tank top and high tops with my hair in a beanie. Then Michael came out with a American flag shirt with jeans and vans.

"Babe let's go." Michael said while grabbing my hand.


I was going to the bathroom when these girls came up to me and said "YOU need to stay away from Mikey." She said with an attitude.

"I don't think so." I said until I got pushed down.

"Back off your little twerp." I said. She was going to throw a punch me but then these two girls came up and tackled her.

"Get out of here before we beat you up." The girl with blonde hair with natural highlights. The girl ran away.

"Are you okay." The girl with the dark brown hair said.

"Ya thanks what is your names and age?" I asked them.

"I am Amber and I am 13." The girl with the blonde hair and highlights said.

"And I am Alexandra and I am 12." The girl with the dark brown hair said.

"Since you guys were so kind you get to meet the boys plus have my number." I said they squealed with joy. I passed them my phone and they gave me there phones. When we were done I lead them to the back room where the boys will be.

"I am going to use the bathroom I will be right back." I said going to the bathroom.


Jocelyn had said she was going to the bathroom then left.

"OMG she is so nice!" Alexandra said.

"I know right." I said.

"Do you think we are going to be best friends with her?" I asked.

"Yea we are going to be great friends." Jocelyn said while walking in the room laughing. We were talking for a while until the boys an three other girls came in.

"Hey babe." Michael said kissing Jocelyn.

"Mikey and guys this is Alexandra and Amber. They saved me from a crazy fan." I said smiling. The girls waved and all the boys gave them hugs. I was watching but then Alyssa grabbed me and pulled me into the snack room.

"What?" I asked.

"I am...

Hey guys haha I gave you a cliffhanger anywho I guessed star two people. They are the amazing amber and the wonderful Alexandra. Thanks guys. I need to know who wants to be paired up with a one direction member

Name hair age and who you want to date and why i will post when I get some people.

Thanks jocelynaters love ya👏👏🙏🙏🙌🙌👌👌👊👊🙈💩

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