Four boys three girls and one story

Three girls from the same schools different ages bffutwe and in love with the same band

*as we walked into school we saw them and they saw us......*


7. chapter 8


I woke up with the sun in my face. I didn't get much sleep with all the commotion I heard. I just thought someone was arguing and it wasn't a big deal. I looked down and michaels arms were around me. I tryed to get out but failed.

"Trying to leave already." I heard Michael said.

"No I am trying to take a shower already." I said while getting up. I took a shower and changed into my bashful shirt jeans and converse. Then I straight my hair and put a hand band. I said see ya later to Michael and went to calum room. I knocked.

"Who?" It sounded like Alyssa.

"Jocelyn." I said. Alyssa opened the door her cheeks stained with tears.

"What happened?" I asked hugging her.

"He cheated." She said. I walked to Alyssa room and knocked.

"Who?" Luke asked.

"Jocelyn!!" I shouted. He opened the door. I grabbed his ear and pulls him inside.

"Why did you cheat on Alyssa." I said guilt was in his eyes.

"I don't know." He said.

"Well you had broke her heart dumb dumb!" I yelled at him. I stormed out leaving Luke crying.

"I just beat up your boyfriend." I said while walking into the room. This time calum and Juliana were awake. They were talking until...

"Alyssa and I kissed." I heard calum say shakily.

Hey guys sorry for not updating

I have been so busy lately next week I am going to Vermont for my class's trip for a week so yahhhh and I made up a name for you guys... Jocelynaters or joceys

K bye luv u guys <3

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