Four boys three girls and one story

Three girls from the same schools different ages bffutwe and in love with the same band

*as we walked into school we saw them and they saw us......*


14. Caliana is in trouble


"Oh no." I said.

"What?" Niall asked.

"Juliana and Brooke hate each other because she always was mean to her.

"Well u will try to keep her away then." Niall said.

"Just be careful." I said. Then I left.


Cal and I were snuggling together when joc came bursting in.

"Every knock?" Cal asked.

"Shut up hair less any way Juliana Brooke is back and is dating ni" She said.

"OMG!" I shouted.

"Who is Brooke?" Calum asked.

"A girl I really hate." I said sighing.

"Well I will keep you to away." And cal kissed me.

👤👤👤👤👤later that day👤👤👤👤👤👤


I am so mad I heard Juliana is here and I hate her guts. She thinks she is better than everyone else but she is not. Than her friends Jocelyn, Alyssa, and Ana Sophia hate me. I f I see them there is going to be problems. I think I have a plan I will go to Juliana hotel room and tell her calum cheated on her. Yes that will work out perfectly. Because I did see him cheat he told me not to tell but to bad. 1 hour later.


Knock knock. I went to answer the door and Brooke was there.

"Why are you here." I snapped.

"I saw calum cheating on you." Brooke said sadly.

"What." My heart just broke a little.

"Yea I was wailing and he was making out with some girl so I rushed over here to tell you." She said.

"I need you to leave." I said. She walked out. I closed the door and screamed. I picked my phone up and pressed calums number.

"Hey babe."

"Don't hey babe me!"

"What is wrong?"


"What I would never do that."

"I think we need a break."

"No please I love you."

"I love you too but I need to think."

"Can we talk when I get home from recording."



I hung up and layed on the bed thinking.

Hey guys I was wondering should after caliana make up or not should I fast forward till they are twenty then continue I will be writing a squeal it will be called I Love You Do You Love Me I am goin to write it after this book. Love u guys 💖💖💖💋💋❤️❤️👏👏🙈🙈😻

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