WICKED Academy

This fanfiction is based off the characters in The Maze Runner series and what I think it would be like if they were in a similar plot, but in high school.


1. Chapter 1

Thomas woke up that morning, sweaty, and wrapped in his bed sheets. He rolled around for a while, then bolted upward. New school, new people. He thought to himself. He smelled bacon and eggs cooking, heard the sizzling, and he inhaled the scent deeply. He groaned, and rolled out of his bed, accidently plopping onto the floor. He had recently moved in with new foster parents, which means going to a new school. He was going to a private school for boys, which he thought was the stupidest idea anyone could come up with. A school filled with boys, and no girls. His uniform was an off-white polo, with a bluish-grey blazer with the school's crest on it, and slacks to match. Shoes weren't specified, so he just grabbed a pair of black converse. He buttoned up the blazer, fluffed up his hair, and was ready to take on the day. His foster mom, Rina, had made him eggs on toast with bacon on the side. Everytime he moves into a new foster home, he is just reminded that he will never remember his birth parents, they gave him up when he was a kid, but he didn't remember much- only fragments of memories. He remembered some scenarios, but he couldn't remember faces. Thomas devoured the meal and scraped the plate clean with his fork, piling every crumb into his mouth. He chugged down some water, and went back upstairs into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He was ready to go. He grabbed his backpack, and hopped into Rina's car. This was his fourth foster parent just this year, and he was quite fond of Rina. He had only hoped he wouldn't do anything to screw up. Thomas and his foster mom zoomed down the road, and in just a few minutes, Thomas had arrived at his new school. Full of preppy, stuck-up, boys. He hopped out of Rina's car, and waved goodbye. He looked at the school, which looked more like a castle to him. A couple boys noticed he was new. "Look at him." "What grade do you think he is in?" "Looks like a piece of klunk in a blazer." "You're the klunk, prep." "Dude, he sorta smells like feet." "Hope you enjoy your stay here, noob." "Ain't no goin' back." Thomas was confused, and a little hurt at a few of the comments. He didn't know whether he liked the people here or not. Not exactly the first few, that's for sure. The ones that insulted him were from a variety of grades. From sixth to twelfth. Thomas was still stuck in confusion, when a boy coughed to Thomas. "Excuse me?" The boy said. Thomas snapped out of his daze, to realize the other boy was holding his hand out to introduce himself. Thomas shook the hand. "Nice to meet ya, loser." He smiled. "Welcome to Wicked Academy."
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