The Eye's (One Direction Wolf)

Tara, 17 year old girl. Lives with no one. She moves to London in hope to get away from her past. Her parents abanded her when she was 16. She spent her 17th birthday by herself. She has dark blue eyes and black hair. She had a orange/blonde streak in her hair. She only one tattoo. It's a wolf on her leg. She is on the track team, so she can run easy. One day she runs into the forest behind her new house and runs for at least an hour. She falls and hurts her foot. She try's to get up but she can't. She looks anywhere, but her eye's stop to see 5 glowing eyes. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOO HER??


2. 2

I woke up, to my alarm clock. Since when did I set that? Weird. I hopped out of bed and went to my bathroom. I turned on the shower and got in.
After 30 minutes of showering, I got out. I got a towel and wrapped it around me body. I went into my closet and changed into short shorts and a black, tight tank top. Why do I feel so slutty all of the sudden. these shorts are definitely gonna show off my wolf tattoo on my leg. I looked under my bed and found my heel boots. Their black that reach up to my knee's. I put those on and grabbed my back-pack. I wet back into the bathroom and curled my hair. I put on make-up and washed my hands. When I put on make-up, I wash my hands after to get all the stuff off. I went down stairs to see, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis in my living room.

"Well hello to you guys" I said. Their heads snapped in my direction. Niall and Zayn went wide-eyed and Louis, Harry and Liam's mouths dropped to the floor.

"Is their something on my face" I said. They shook their heads and Liam walked over to me. He looked at me arms, legs, and my neck.

"Oh my god" He said. He looked back at everyone else and they began to panic.

"What did we do" Liam mumbled under his breath, but I still heard him. I don't think he wanted me to hear him though. He walked back to the guys and stared at them. I wondered what they we're doing so I walked over to them. They looked like they we're having a conversation with their eyes. I tugged on Liam's shirt and he looked at me.

"What are you doing?" I asked. He looked back at them and turned back at me.

"We have something to tell you. And you can't go to school today, we're staying with you. Your going to come back to our place till the full moon is out" He said. I nodded and dropped my bag on the floor. I went into the kitchen and got a cup from the cupboard and filled it up with water. I quickly drank it and went back into the living room. They we're all on the floor talking.

"Back" I said. They stopped talking ad looked at me, they all smiled and I returned one. They got up and walked to the door. I followed.

"Guy's. My body hurts" I said. I felt my body go numb and I fell. Before I made contact with the floor, Niall caught me. He picked me up bridal styles and started to walk. We left my house and started to walk to the lads house.

"Tara just go to sleep. We'll be here the hole time. We'll be home in a little while" Niall whispered into my ear. I nodded and fell into a deep, dark, sleep.


~ 2 Hours Later ~

"Tara, wake up. Where here" Someone said, while shaking me. Really? Do you have to shake me? I groaned.

"Come on laze butt. Get your butt up!" Someone shouted.

"What? I'm up for one and for two, don't shout. I'm not a morning person" I said. Someone laughed.

"It's not morning. It's 8 at night" Someone whispered. I opened my eyes, to see Louis, Liam, Niall on my right and Harry and Zayn on my left.

"How long was I out for?" I asked no one in particular. Niall and Harry laughed.

"Since 7 this morning" Liam said. I looked at him wide-eyed for a moment. I turned to see Harry smiling at me. Why? I have no clue.

"Um, Harry? You ok?" I asked. He blushed and looked down to his lap. I smiled, knowing I caught him looking at me.

"Ok, so Tara. Do you know how you got those bites?" Zayn asked me. I nodded.

"By 5 wolfs yesterday" I said. He nodded.

"Ok, let Liam look at them" He said. I nodded. Liam came over and looked over my bites. He pulled up my shirt and them closed his eye's. He started to take deep breaths. Now he was scaring me. What's wrong with me? Niall and Louis came over and then left and sat on the couch. They we're staring at me. They started to freak me out even worse. Then Zayn came up to me and touched my stomach, which had bite marks. I winced even though, he barley touched them. He started to mumble saying, "What did we do, what did we do, what did we do?".

"Liam? Zayn? You guys ok?" Harry asked, as he come over to us. He looked at them, my stomach, then finally me. He smiled, then frowned. I looked at him, then Zayn and Liam. They we're looking at my stomach still.

"What's happening with me?" I asked. Voice small, barley, I let out a whisper. They looked at me, finally. Liam walked away, then came back with a folded up poster. He looked at Zayn and Harry and they walked over to him, as he un-folded the poster-type-thing on the table. I pulled my shirt down and walked over to them. I saw something like 8 wolves on their. 5 of them, looked like the wolves that bit me, then the other 3? I didn't know who they we're.

"Tara. Those 5 wolves their, are us. Those 3 there, is u and your family. Your the black and orange one. Those two are your real parents. Your adopted Tara. Your last name is Malik. Your brother is Zayn" Liam said.

I sat down on the floor, trying to take this all in. Niall came and sat next to me, pulling me into his lap. I buried my face into his chest, crying. He rubbed little circles around my back, trying to make me feel better. But it's not working. My "parents" weren't even my real parents. My so called real parents gave me up! Like what the hell! Really? Why would they? I guess I have a brother, Zayn. I'm a Malik, not a Moon. I'm a wolf. I stopped crying, and got up, out of Niall's lap. I walked to the front door and sprinted out. I heard them calling after me, but I kept running. I can't believe all of this.

Ohhh! Twist! What 2 people should Tara be mates with?

Niall + Louis + Tara??
Niall + Harry + Tara??
Niall + Liam + Tara??

Louis + Harry +Tara??
Louis + Liam + Tara??

Liam + Harry + Tara??

Comment on who you think will be best! Favorite! Too!


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