The Eye's (One Direction Wolf)

Tara, 17 year old girl. Lives with no one. She moves to London in hope to get away from her past. Her parents abanded her when she was 16. She spent her 17th birthday by herself. She has dark blue eyes and black hair. She had a orange/blonde streak in her hair. She only one tattoo. It's a wolf on her leg. She is on the track team, so she can run easy. One day she runs into the forest behind her new house and runs for at least an hour. She falls and hurts her foot. She try's to get up but she can't. She looks anywhere, but her eye's stop to see 5 glowing eyes. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOO HER??


1. 1

Hello, I'm Tara Moon. I know. I have a really weird last name, my parents said that they had a very good friend that died from a plain crash and named me after her name in the memory of her. They said I looked like her when I was 5 then I kinda grew out of that stage. I loved my parents but not so much after they left me. I moved to London. I had to get away from where I used to live. I have black hair and a orange/blonde streak in my hair also. I have dark blue eyes. I'm 17 and I had to spend it alone. My parents left me so yeah. I have only one friend and her name Kiki. She has light brown hair and dull gray eyes. Her and I only, text, call and Skype because she moved. She was and is my only friend. I haven't really talked to people at school. I barley talk period. I am the only girl who sits alone, talks to no one, and is the nerd. I don't wear me glasses but I can wear them. I'm on the track team but I'm the only girl who is. I love to run, it's a passion. I only eat good food, like healthy food and only drink water. I don't gain weight, I only lose it. I can eat so much food and lose weight, just never gain it.

"Miss Moon, get over here now!" Mr. Long said. I nodded and lined up at the starting line. I looked at everyone. I was in a race for track. I's my first race this year. I looked at the people who is also racing. I saw that their only guys. And it looks like their girlfriends are here to cheer them on. I saw only 5 guys in the crowed. One had blonde hair and icy blue eyes, one with blue eyes and light brown hair, one with a buzz cut and brown eyes, then one with curly brown hair and green eyes and then one with black hair and brown eyes. They we're all looking at me, with a weird look in their eyes.

I was snapped out of my thoughts, by the man shooting off the gun, telling us to go. Everyone was ahead of me, but my trick was to make them slow, then for me is to run faster when they start to slow. I saw that they we're slowing down, so I picked up my pace and soon ran past them. Everyone stopped cheering, it only made me sad. My coach was the only one cheering me on. If I win this, then I get to g to finals and win 7k, also a new car, new laptops for the school and for my myself, a bigger gym and more gym stuff. I need to win this! I ran so fast that I didn't know I won. I stopped to see everyone running to me and gave me high fives. My coach hugged me and lead me up to the person who gave me my things and new car keys. He said, he would get the things for the school tomorrow and he walked me to my new car. I put my stuff down and un-locked it. It was black. I put my laptop and my money in he back and got in. I started it, and sped off.

I got home after like 2 hours from drying. What? I loved this new car, I just wanted to spend sometime in it! I turned my car off and got out and grabbed  my stuff and locked it. I opened my front door and dropped the stuff on the table. I sat down on the coach and fell asleep.

~ The next day ~

"Hello? Anyone home!" I heard someone call from my door. I groaned and got up. I looked through the peep whole and say those 5 guys from yesterday.

"Hello???" One of them yelled. I opened the door, almost to get hit in the face by the one who had light hair and blue eyes. He smiled and ran inside my house. The one with blonde hair laughed and entered as well.

"Um, who are you guys?" I asked. The one with the buzz cut walked in and went into my living room.

"I'm Zayn and this is Harry" Zayn said. I nodded.

"What about the others?" I asked once again

"Blondie is Niall, Louis was the one who ran in and Liam was the one who just entered" Harry said. I nodded and said that they can come in, since their friends already making them selves at home.

"Why are you here?" I said.

"We saw you yesterday win. We also see you at school all by your self. We don't come near you because you always walk away when someone goes near you. If you haven't noticed we've been partners on some things in science, but that was in freshman year. You haven't been talking to anyone since your friend moved" Liam said. I nodded. I sat down in my chair and watched the telly.

"Any other reason?" I said to Niall. He looked at me, then his friends. He seemed nervous, but why?

"Because, we wanted to say hey, and wanted to know if you wanted to become fiends at school and to hang out with us?" Louis said. I smiled and nodded. He got up and ran to me and hugged the living day-lights outta me.

"Ok, Louis. Put her down before you kill her" Zayn laughed. He pouted and put me down. He walked to the couch and sat next to Harry.


"Guys we have to go. Sorry Tara but we'll see you later" Liam said. I nodded and watched them leave. I walked to my room and changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top. I put on my shoes and walked outside. I ran out back ad started to run down this path. I haven't run out back of my house before, only at school or to town and back.

Soon a hour past by, and I'm still running. I tripped and fell on my knees, and they started to bleed. Great! Just great! I didn't bring anything to clean them up, so I started to walk back to my house. I heard a twig snap and I looked in that direction. I saw 5 pairs of eyes looking at me. They all come out of hiding. They're wolves!

The 1st one was black and had light brown eyes. The 2nd one had white hair and dark blue eyes. The 3rd one had golden brown hair and dull green eyes. The 4th one had light brown hair and light blue eyes. The 5th and last one had dark brown a hair and dark brown eyes. They stepped towards me and the one how had light brown hair and light blue eyes ran towards me. He jumped on me and licked my cheek.

"Ok, um....weird" I said. Next the white one stepped towards us and nudged me to follow them.

"I'll call you by names" I said, " what about numbers? ok, you are #1, you are #2, you are #3, you are #4 and you are #5? Ok?" I said, they looked at me and nodded. #1 was the black one, #2 was the white one, #3 was the golden one, #4 was the dark brown one and #5 was the light brown one.
#1 kneeled down for me and I got on is back. He started to run and so did the others. He ran towards a cave and ran inside. I got off his back and sat down. #4 cam over to me and cuddled up to me. How cute.

"How cute. Your so nice for wolves" I said. #2 ran up to me and jumped on me. His eyes we're a lot darker for dark blue eyes. He bit my arm, so did the other one. They bit me, somewhere on my body. I screamed out in pain. They stopped and got off of me. I was crying and screaming. It so badly, I couldn't handle the pain. #1 walked up to me and licked the bit marks. It didn't hurt anymore, but you could still see the marks.

"What the hell was that for?!!" I yelled at them, "I thought you we're nice. I hate you! You animals should be put down for good!" I ran, well more like limped away. I walked for 2 hours, till I finally made it home. I looked at my phone to see 5 texts, and 1 missed phone call from Kiki, she never leaves message if I don't pick up, so I don't have to worry about her for now.

1st text
From: Liam
To: Tara
Are you ok? We need to talk! Text back when you get this!
Sent At 6pm

I looked at the clock to see that it's 7pm He texted me 1hour ago.

2nd text
From: Zayn
To: Tara
Laim's freaking out that your not texting him. Are you ok? I'll come if you need me to! Bye!
Sent At 6:20pm

3rd text
From: Niall
To: Tara
We're all freaking out now! We need to make sure your ok! are you awake? Are you hurt and can't get to your phone? Text us back please!
Sent At 6:29

4th text
From: Harry
To: Tara
Hey babe! You ok? Liam's yelling at us, saying that you won't text him back! Text him back so he stops! PLEASE!
Sent At 6:38

5th text
From: Louis
To: Tara
Hey gurly! Text us please! Are you hurt in any way?! Can you please call us! We'll come over! Do you want that?! I bet not; Just kidding! You must miss us! Did you drowned or something? Are you sleeping? OMG YOU MUT BE SLEEPING SINCE YOUR NOT TEXTING BACK!!! Oh ok, see you tomorrow then! Bye!
Sent At 6:50

To: Liam
From: Tara
Sorry, I was out. I'm not hurt.....badly but I'll live. Sorry for making you worry! I never had anyone worry about me before! it feels nice, thanks
Sent 7:07

To: Zayn
From: Tara
Hey, I just texted Liam, telling him I'm ok. I was out. I don't need you to come over. I'm fine, not hurt badly. Just a scratch, nothing to big, you know? Yeah ok bye!
Sent 7:10

To: Niall
From: Tara
First off I'm ok and just texted Zayn and Liam. Second off, I was out and not sleeping. Third off how did you guys get my number?
Sent 7:12

To: Harry
From: Tara
Don't call me babe, I'm ok just out. I texted Niall, Zayn and Liam already, so yeah. I hoped he stopped yelling! Hope you got your wish!
Sent 7:14

To: Louis
From: Tara
Don't ever call me gurly again! I'm not asleep, I was out. I'm ok, not badly hurt, just a cut! That's it! Don't over whelm yourself! I'm not going to be here tomorrow so you guys can't come over! So bye!
Sent 7:17

Now that was a lie. I got nothing to do tomorrow! I don't have just a scratch, it's more like 50 cuts! More like bites!
I went up-stairs to my room and changed and got into bed. I fell into a deep, dark sleep.


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