the outcast

Lucy was the outcast until Luke found her nobody knew her nobody cared NOBODY listened until Luke. only Ashton knew what was going on. he was the one that stayed with her until Lucy pushes him away


3. the party plans

Ash's P.O.V.

I really wanted to punch Lucy but she is my pretty much my sister  and I love her so much but this happened after that phone call:

 "so is it true"

"ya sorry I was annoying Lucy and she threatened me but then she called you"

"oh I see but it she really dating luke?"

"she has his leather jacket in 70 degree weather"

"oh no she is gonna get her heart broken if they date and get feelings"

"ikr I don't want my sister broken"

"she is ur sister?!?!"

"no its hard to explain ok"

"well I like you to bye <3"


"Lucy thank god you called Audrey because she likes me!!!" "well I have a few tricks up my sleeve" "you mean Luke's sleeve" "oh ash just shut up about this I get cold easily and you know that" "ok Audrey lets get started on your birthday plans" 

~we rented the place ~we got the gold cake ordered but ready for the 18th ~And we have your dress "ok so we need food and decorations!" "and then we will have your party ready!" "im gonna go get

 my dress" "ok ill be here!"


Lucy's P.O.V.

this is my whole getup and I for once look good in something and love it this is going to be the best party I hope

Ash's P.O.V.    (the font must hate me but its a text okay.)

"hey Luke why are you saying you like Lucy when you have a girlfriend?"

"im not saying that"

"yes you are"  

"I broke up with Audrey because she likes you and because I like Lucy"

"oh well she wants you to be her boyfriend she told me that"

"well not yet I need to get to know her"

"ok we all know you LOVE her"

I walked away to go to the bathroom

"I do not LOVE Lucy"

Lucy P.O.V.

I walked down stairs and ash got a text so I looked at it, it said

"I do not LOVE Lucy" all I could do is drop everything and break down I couldn't stop crying

"oh my gosh Lucy what happened" "When I was walking home from school luke said he liked me a lot but to the  looks of it he doesn't" "no Lucy he said he doesn't LOVE you he is just getting to know you so he sais that but he does really like you" "ok good so im thinking on Monday im goin to tell him the truth" thn ash started to smirk and I don't know why.


wow this took me 2 days just for you guys hope you ike the story bye babes *blows a kiss*-audrey


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