the outcast

Lucy was the outcast until Luke found her nobody knew her nobody cared NOBODY listened until Luke. only Ashton knew what was going on. he was the one that stayed with her until Lucy pushes him away


5. scars

"no you were not drunk you were perfectly fine' ASH SHOUTED  "he had 7 beers I said as loud as I could it was only a little bit louder than a whisper "LUCY IV MISSED YOU SO MUCH" Ash said tearing up "my little penguin I don't know what I would have done without you!!!!!"Luke started to cry and jump around "Lucy your awake!!" Calum screamed "ill go get the doctor" Michael said not as happy as the rest "what's Michael's deal?" "he is mad that ash and I wont eat and just care about you" "well isn't he happy I'm awake" "he doesn't really like you as much as I like you" Calum explained "oh well I'm really nice and cook pizza and he doesn't like me" he walks in "what the fucks your deal Michael" "what?" "I cook pizza and be nice to you and help you dye your hair and you don't like me" "well I just don't you and Luke spent to much time together and steal him from us" "no she doesn't" they all say "I feel left out because ash (yes Ash has Audrey)has Audrey and Luke has you Calum has Madeline and I have no one" "well we all love you and you and you know that Michael" "ya so don't take it all out on Lucy she did nothing" ash said 


the doctor said I could go home but when we did I hopped in bed after taking a shower and went on twitter. all I could see is hate and I really wanted to cut but I ran to my bathroom and started to cry "Lucy open up!" Luke shouted "don't worry Luke" "than open up please I want to know whats wrong" "than we can talk throu..." "I want to look at you!" then I open the door and show luke the tweets and then he tweets and says "guys dont worry I broke with lucy the relationship is over with "what do you mean we're done with" I started to ball my eyes out "NO NO NO NO" "I said that so the fans wont hurt you anymore"


it was sucky but im always so tired and im a little ass right now and going to places and my wifi wont work so ya luv you babes-audrey

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