the outcast

Lucy was the outcast until Luke found her nobody knew her nobody cared NOBODY listened until Luke. only Ashton knew what was going on. he was the one that stayed with her until Lucy pushes him away


1. Luke

this is me Lucy im an outcast no one ever invited me to parties my mum and dad are dead but my sister Kate hates me and shuts me out its just mate my puppy, thunder and Skittles my guinea pigs, and Ashton he is my only friend and has been with me forever and has never left my side

*at school*


"why are you staring at Luke lucy?" ash asked "I don't know?" "lets go the bell rang" "m'kay ash" I started to run "lucy why are you running?" so I could get to class  no, YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON LUUUUKE "SHUT UP" "you have a crush o luke "stop, WELL AUDREY CAN YOU COME HERE!" "NO STOP" ya ash stop" "Audrey" "STOP" "ok buddy wanna come over after school?" "sure gladly

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