the outcast

Lucy was the outcast until Luke found her nobody knew her nobody cared NOBODY listened until Luke. only Ashton knew what was going on. he was the one that stayed with her until Lucy pushes him away


2. coming home

Lucy's P.O.V.


"hey" Luke shouted "Oh hi" "I herd what ash said I was right behind you guys but don't worry I like you too" "oh my god!" I couldn't breath  "Lucy is there something wrong?" "no one has ever said they like me its either oh you or ugghhh only ash has ever liked me but he is like a brother so, how much do you like me or are you just making me feel good?" "no Lucy your really hot do you wanna come over so I could get to know you?" "sure hold on" I call ash 

hey ash   hey Lucy    I'm gonna go over to Luke's ok    oh so you mean you boyfriend   NO ASH but are plans are canceled ok   ok I guess   bye love you   love you to bye (they are like bro and sis so that's why they said I love you)

"so I'm going to you house" "but come over here pucker up and ill kiss you well" "ok do really mean that?" "if I didn't than why would I say that?"

*at Luke's*

"so my home is your home" I follow him to a room that has a bunch of band posters on it

'so this is your room I'm guessing" "well you guessed right" I walk into a surprisingly clean room  

"WOW its clean in here" "I know right" I sit in a black swivel chair and luke sits on a bean bag across from me "so tell me some stuff about you and we'll do me last k?" "ok"

*my name is Lucy Grace Collins *im turning 18 on the 18th(im acutely turning 16 but what eves) "cool so your golden birthday, are you planning a party "nooo of Corse I am" *I play the violin  *I have a sister but she doesn't give a damn about me *and I can sing *my doctor says I'm depressed  so that's my fun life "well your birthday is in ~~~ days so that's good right?" "kinda?" well enough with mine now with yours


after 3 hours of hanging out

I got to go ok bye Luke  "hold on one second" then we get into a wonderful kiss are lips move in sync it was magical "umm bye Luke" "bye Audrey"    (text message the font wont work)

hey ash

hey Audrey so how was your date

ash stop

ok well are you coming over

yes im walking over right now

but ash don't tell luke but I really really like him but he  doesn't know I love him that much so don't tell him ok im trusting you

ok I wont but I wouldn't trust myself

just shut up or ill tell audrey

ok I wont

*I walk out the front door* "LUKE CAN I BORROW ONE OF YOUR JACKETS" "sure here bye babes" he gave me his leather jacket and he said I looked hot in it  that was crazy

*at ash's house*

"so your boyfriends jacket I see" "I have Audrey's number" "oh shit" "ill call her in the  blink of an eye so you better shut your soup cooler" "well why do you have Luke's jacket, because you LOVE him" "ash its freacking cold outside

but *calls Audrey*

"hey Audrey how you doing" "good you" "ash wants to say something" "I-I-I-I-I-I" "ASH LIKES YOU" "well Luke is your boyfriend!!!" "NO HE IS NOT"  Then I hang up


hey babes sorry it was sucky but I hope you like it 2 more chapters comin tomorrow so hope you like the story bye *blows a kiss to you* -audrey

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