"Why did you kill her?"
"I didn't."
"We have evidence that you were in the exact place at the exact time she got murdered."
"I didn't kill her."
What would you do if you were a suspect in the murder of the decade?
Innocent teenage boy Michael Clifford is accused of the murder of teenage girl Sophia Henry. He was supposed to have a normal vacation, a normal life, but when his face is all over the news, he can't help but pray that he is let free.
*(REMINDER)* 5sos aren't a band in this, they just play characters, and I also know they aren't like this in real life.


6. Chapter 6- Afraid

I woke us this morning with a bloody bandage wrapped around my head.

I didn't know what to do, so I walked up to the stainless steel door and opened it. 

But, oh wait 'till you hear this, I'm stuck in an asylum!

Totally normal right?

No. Not at all. 

Derek, the main guard in my wing, didn't let me get passed the gate wing. 

He explained what happened last night, as it seems that I don't remember a blessed thing, and told me that I am to stay in bed for the day.

With a shrug, I sulked back to my stark room. 

They should let me decorate. 

I found a metallic piece of tape next to my bedside and stuck one end of it on the ceiling. I wasn't tall enough so I stood on my bed to get it up there.

It hung there, just swaying slightly from the breeze from the air heater. 

It just swayed. 

Almost like me. 

Except the one swaying is my environment, not me. 

I am perfectly still. 

I sat on the floor on the opposite side of the hanging tape, with my back on the floor and my feet against the wall.

As time went on, the tape slightly moved downwards, slowly reaching the ground below it. 

I sat for hours watching it, waiting for it the hit the ground. 

It wasn't until a knock sounded on the door that I actually got up and moved towards my bed. 

I am supposed to be bed-ridden, might as well act like it. 

"Good afternoon, Mr. Clifford. I see that you have skipped you breakfast and lunch?"

"I've been asleep."

Doc Magnotta mumbled something under his breath as he pulled up the same chair as yesterday to my bed.

He stares at me for a long while before speaking up.

"I love the long conversations we have." He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes.

"Now, Michael, do you remember what happened last night?" He started off with.

I shook my head, he scribbled something down in his notepad.

That's how this worked. 

He asks me a question, I make a gesture or actually say something, and then he writes something in his notebook.

Then the cycle repeats over and over again until he feels that he has enough information to figure out why I'm a murderer. 

But that isn't how today is working.

We are outside today.

The paleness of my uniform and skin reflects the sun's beams into my eyes, causing me to squint. 

We walked around the courtyard in silence.

It was quite calming actually, but I wasn't taking any bullshit today.

"Why are we outside?" I harshly asked.

"It's such a beautiful day, isn't it Michael?" Doc asked, trying to avoid the subject.

"Don't avoid the subject."

"I will do whatever I want, and you will do whatever I say. Got it, punk?" He faced me and spoke with venom.

I rolled my eyes and walked back towards the building.


I awoke to muffled whimpers coming from the body next to mine. A cloth was wrapped around the person's head, and a rope was tied around their wrists and feet. I tried to crawl over to the person, but a swift kick to my ribs put me out of my path. The two men who knocked me out earlier were doubled over with laughter, pointing at me and laughing even harder. Then, a third man came over and took a knife from the scrawny one's hands. The two smaller men immediately stood up straight and stopped laughing. The third man started speaking to them in a different language, and then went over the body with the bag over it's head. The man took off the bag to reveal a rather pretty girl. If it wasn't for the blurriness in my eyes and the aching pain of broken bones in my stomach, I probably would of made a smart remark to most likely get me beat up again. The man raised the knife over the girl's body as she looked up in horror. Her blood wrenching screams were cut short as he plunged the knife into her helpless body. The two 'henchmen' proceeded to walk over to me, sneering with bags and knifes in their hands. It was at this moment, I knew my life was over. 

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