"Why did you kill her?"
"I didn't."
"We have evidence that you were in the exact place at the exact time she got murdered."
"I didn't kill her."
What would you do if you were a suspect in the murder of the decade?
Innocent teenage boy Michael Clifford is accused of the murder of teenage girl Sophia Henry. He was supposed to have a normal vacation, a normal life, but when his face is all over the news, he can't help but pray that he is let free.
*(REMINDER)* 5sos aren't a band in this, they just play characters, and I also know they aren't like this in real life.


4. Chapter 4- "Watch your back, my friend."

Strobe lights suddenly ripped through my blurry vision, waking me from my not so deep sleep. Alarms were sounding around the area while red and blue lights flooded every room on my house. My bedroom door busted open, revealing two men dressed in all black, who gripped my arms on both sides, and dragged me outside by force. As soon as we made it to the tree line behind me home, the tallest struck me with cold metal. They both cackled as my body collapsed to muddy dirt, allowing them to take hold of my numb body. 

My body jolted up as the cell door slammed shut. Looking around the grim roomI rubbed my eyes and stretched my arms further behind my back. My right eyebrow raised in shock as my blurry eyes landed on the same stranger from yesterday. He starred back intently, probably wondering if he should speak up first. I cleared my throat. 

"I apologize for interrupting your delightful nap, Mr. Clifford." He spoke, trying to annoy me. I nodded, signaling him to continue. He grunted and straightened his back. 

"I believe I never introduced myself yesterday, Mr. Clifford. My name is Dr. Magnotta." He stumbled forward and stuck out his hand. I starred at him, resulting in his hand retreating back to his side. 

"I am here to treat you during your stay." He informed me. Seeing that I made no effort to talk, Doc put papers and an apple down on the table. He adjusted his black rimmed glasses before pulling up a rickety chair to the bed I was currently residing on. 

"Listen, kid, I'm not here to blame everything on you. I'm not like everyone else. I'm here to listen to you, and only you. Now, all you have to do is put a little trust and faith into this, and everything will turn out fine. The more you act like you're cured, the sooner they'll let you out. Got it?" He whispered, almost as if someone was listening and his life depended on them not hearing him. He sighed as he removed himself from the rusty chair and walked to the door. Without turning, he spoke with venom in his voice.

"She was mine." 

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