"Why did you kill her?"
"I didn't."
"We have evidence that you were in the exact place at the exact time she got murdered."
"I didn't kill her."
What would you do if you were a suspect in the murder of the decade?
Innocent teenage boy Michael Clifford is accused of the murder of teenage girl Sophia Henry. He was supposed to have a normal vacation, a normal life, but when his face is all over the news, he can't help but pray that he is let free.
*(REMINDER)* 5sos aren't a band in this, they just play characters, and I also know they aren't like this in real life.


2. Chapter 2- "You idiot."





The words that have been spit out at me are only labels. They don't know me, they don't know the real story. The media has made my mistake seem unforgivable, but in reality, I was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Local senior, Sophia Henry, was murdered early this morning. Her body was found in the alley way behind Tonelli's Pizzeria. She was the student body president of Blackwater High and was the top of her class. Her family mourns her as her body is laid to rest. May you forever dream, Miss. Henry.

All these people who are trying to 'help' me are only making it worse. They think that sending me away will make it better.

Everyday I wake up and fight the anxiety that falls over me. They don't know what I go through. They don't know anything.

Everyday I wake up and hope to get out of this Hell hole that everyone else calls 'the savior of all lives' or 'home'.

The breakfast here is terrible. They feed us this slop called 'oatmeal'. Yes, I've heard of it, I just never had it before. But, let me tell you, it sucks.

I spend the afternoons in the common room, watching other patients scatter among each other.

They all look scared, but I know better. They are trying to look crazy so that they won't be taken away.

They think that the Asylum is a get away from society and it's cruel words and harassment.

It's not.

It's complete Hell.

And I'm going to find a way out.



Sorry for a bad first chapter, I promise it will get better! And if you haven't noticed, he (Michael Clifford) is an Asylum. IF you have any questions or you found a mistake I made, please comment!

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