The Bully | C.H.

One summer,One summer was all he needed to trick her into believing he liked her.

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


2. Two: Problem

Chapter Two

|Leah's POV|

"There you are!"

I looked up from my phone to see Calum walking towards me,that same smirk plastered on his face.I don't know why I found this attractive.

"Are you ready to go?"


We started walking across the parking lot and onto the beach.The weather was nice today,no clouds were in the sky.

"What type of music do you like?"

"I'm versatile,I'm into basically anything and everything.Well everything except scream-o,heavy metal,and death metal.What about you?"

"Hmm nice.I'm basically the same.I like a lot of bands though.Have you ever heard of green day or all time low?"

"Um yeah,Who hasn't?"

"Just checking,How about mayday parade?"

"I have no idea who that is..."

He looked at me shocked,his mouth gaped open.

"You've never heard of mayday parade?"

"No,am I supposed to?"

"Um yeah! You and I are going to Joe's music shack tomorrow because you obviously weren't exposed to the right music in New York."


The rest of the class went by fine,after having to ignore most if Calum's ignorant comments.I had no idea what happened to him.He seemed so sweet over the summer,but now he was a complete prick.

Bria and I had he first lunch period of the day,which I was happy about.I was starving.We got into the lunch room and got our food.Todays menu consisted of a chicken sandwich and fries.

"Where do you want to sit?"

"I don't know,there aren't a lot of seats left."

As we were walking around desperately looking for a seat,I caught sight of Bria basically drooling over some guy.I couldn't help but laugh.

"Close your mouth,you're drooling."

"He's so cute."

Bria wasn't lying.The guy was really attractive,and I mean really attractive.He had short,curly brown hair and what seemed to be green eyes.He also had dimples,which were so hot on guys.

The guy had caught sight of Bria staring and flashed a smile at her.She started giggling like a school girl.I burst out in laughter.

"Come on."

I grabbed her arm and starting heading out to the courtyard.There weren't much students out there considering that it was pretty chilly out.I stepped past a table of students only to find my self face down on the concrete,my French fries smoothed on my face.

"Whoops sorry."

I looked up to see Calum laughing,a Group of girls laughing alongside him.I got up and brushed myself off,Bria helping to get the fries off my face.A guy got up from the table and walked towards me.

"I'm so sorry about him."

"It's fine,Leah by the way."

I extended my hand out to the red haired guy.He had a silver eyebrow piercing,which suited him well.He was really cute.

"Michael and you have a piece of a French fry in your hair."

He laughed and I joined him as he got it out of my hair.

"Thanks again."

"No problem,see you around."

I looked away from him to see Calum staring at me,that same cocky smirk I hated oh so much.

"What the hell is your problem?"

"Nothing,you should've watched where you were going."

I flicked him off and began walking back into the school with Bria.I couldn't believe him.Why was he acting like this towards me?

"Do you know him?"


"Just wondering because there's obvious tension between you two."

"Yeah I know him."

"How,he seems like a douche."

I shook my head.

"Well he wasn't like that when I met him." I thought.


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