The Bully | C.H.

One summer,One summer was all he needed to trick her into believing he liked her.

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


13. Twelve: party with me?

Calum drove me back to my place after we stopped at nandos.He kept apologizing for Candice interrupting our 'date' if that's what you want to call it.

When we got to my place,I was honestly in no rush to leave Calum.I had an amazing time with him,besides Candice coming and ruining it with her bitchy attitude.Calum reached over and grabbed my hand,taking it in his.

"I don't want you to go." he said.

"Yeah,well I do need to get in the house before my mom cusses me out for quote on quote 'being irresponsible'."

"Goodnight." he said.


I reached for the door and started to open it when he spoke up again.

"Before I forget,Michael is having a party tomorrow night if you wanna go." he said.

"I don't know.I'm not really a party type of girl." I said.I've never been the type of girl to go to parties.

"If you don't want to go,we can always just hang out and do something else." he said,grabbing my hand again.

"If you wanna go Calum you can go.Please don't let me stop you from going."

"I don't want to go without you though.The last thing I need is some annoying girl like Candice trying to dance with me or worse." he said.

"I'll think about it.If I do decide to go,I'll just meet you there with Bria." I said,reaching for the door once again.

"Please think about it." he said before wrapping his arms around my torso.We pulled back and before I could say goodbye or goodnight,He crashed his lips onto mine.

"Goodnight babe." he breathed.

"Goodnight." I said,trying so hard to fight the smile that I could feel beginning to growing on my face.

I pushed the car door out and got out of the car.I closed the door and Calum drove away from my house.I walked up to my house and stepped inside.My mom was asleep on the couch with the tv on keeping up with the kardashians.If I could be completely truthful,I didn't really care for that show at all.

I walked over and lightly shook her awake.She blinked her eyes open.

"Mom,I'm home." I said.

"Oh hey honey.How was school?" She asked,sitting upright in the recliner.

"It was good." I said,remember the kiss Calum and I just shared in his car.

"Well I'm gonna get something to drink,do you want anything?" I asked.

"Can you please make me a cup of cappuccino? I really need it right about now."

"Yeah and mom,why aren't you at work right now? I thought you worked night shifts." I asked.It was fairly unusual to have my mom home during the nights.

"The head doctor of the whole hospital gave me the night off,thank god." she said,laughing a little.

"Well that's good.Now at least you can catch up on some much needed sleep."

"Yeah you're right." she said.

I left it at that and went to go make her cappuccino and get me some water.The touch of Calum's lips on mine effortlessly coming into my mind.In my opinion,today was pretty great.

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